'Saloni from Zee, is my inspiration' - Parul Chauhan

Star introduces two new girls - Parul Chauhan and Sara Khan in their latest show - Bidaai. Telly Buzz brings you an exclusive chit chat with one of the new protaganists - Parul Chauhan.

Star Plus brings in a new show - Bidaai, a tale of two cousins based in the interiors of . The story ‘Bidaai’ is the story of an orphan girl ‘Sadhna’ and her life’s struggle with her biggest asset that is her own ‘beauty’ which becomes her biggest curse. The story simultaneously focuses on Sadhna's cousin - Rangini, who faces turmoil with her unpleasant appearance.

We talk to Parul Chauhan, who plays the role of - Rangini. Very different from what she portrays in her reel character, Parul in real life is full of energy and an enthusiasm that keeps her going.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

I have been in Mumbai for the last two and half years. I was a struggling actress all this while. I recently finished my third year in Arts, and then I got this role. In between, I did a cameo in Woh Rehne Wali, I played a western girl there. I am glad I am playing a simple girl now.

Where were you before Mumbai?

I am basically from UP. My family still lives there. When they saw me on tv for the first time, they were very excited. Everyone at home was jumping with joy, all of my relatives called my parents and were congratulating them. All this while, I was known by my dad’s name, but now, the world asks my father – are you Parul’s father? It feels so good. The first time I got a gift from my dad, I felt really proud.

Tell us something about your character - Rangini:

I play the dark girl in the show, who faces a lot of turmoil in her life for being dark. I am so glad that I got the role, I am more excited to play a simple girl who wears salwar kameezs. I am like that in real life too. Saloni from Zee is my inspiration. Earlier, I used to try to relate my self to Saloni and act in that manner.

How was it working on the sets with senior actors like Alok Nath?

I was very nervous when I met Alok Ji. I have grown up watching him. The first day when I saw him, I just stood there like a zombie. But then he came up to me and started talking to me about acting tips, and even encouraged me to do better. But most of the credit goes to my director. I smile too much, and sometimes I have the wicked smile on. And my director comes and explains that I need to calm it down. It is so much fun to work on the sets, everyone is like a family here. Even my on screen mom is so friendly and just like a mom to us on the sets. She makes sure if we have eaten or no, and if we are over worked. I am simply having a blast. Though I was a little sad that, when we went to shoot in , we didn’t even get time to  catch a glimpse of Taj from the front,  nevertheless, its been an awesome experience.

Any plans of hitting the big screen in the future?

Not really. If I get a decent role, then I might think about it. But not as of now. Because the life in Bollywood isn’t that great, especially for a girl. So lets see, as of now, I just want to concentrate on Bidaai. I am praying that people like me in the show, and everything goes well.

We wish Parul the very best in her new project. Coming up soon, an exclusive chit-chat with Sara Khan (Sadhna), only on TellyBuzz!

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author : Hiral Anju Bhatt

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hey they ALWAYS use that term to describe any girl who ahs to play the role of a dark skinend girl on tv..it's so disgusting.. i hate that sort of backwarding thinking...when half of the world sleaeding women are dark skinned and BEAUTIFUL..as is parul! hehe and my Rajshree (saloni) LOL. i am happy she used to base her acting etc the way saloni does..cause that was the whole point fo saat phere anyways..to encourage dark skinned girls to face the public with a head held high!
and she's gorgeous..so she'll go far!
I may jsut tune in to this show .. lol. i have a soft spot for shows that are based on touchy subjects as this.

Thanks for the article!

16 years ago

she's so sweet....wish her the best..........

16 years ago

What do they mean, unpleasant appearance? She's pretty!

16 years ago

awww bless im happy saloni is her inspiration cos rajeshree is absolutely gawjuss

16 years ago

Looks like an interesting show, can't wait to see it.

16 years ago

thanks for the article, really looking forward to seeing this show.

16 years ago

thanks... aww saloni's her inspiration...thts so sweet of her to say tht

16 years ago

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