Salman banned from doing stunts..

The talented Salman of Zee's Dance India Dance has been warned by the mentors not to try out any spectacular stunts..


Mohammad Salman has been banned from doing stunts in Zee's Dance India Dance, and the reason is that he has been hurting himself of late, due to over exposure to stunts.

We talked to the talented contestant and he said, "Last week while doing the Chau dance, I burnt a part of my face. My eyes were itching so badly that I had to be hospitalized for a day. During this week's rehearsals, I suffered a hairline fracture, but ignored that. However, during the actual performance this week, I found myself in a pool of blood".

According to our source, "His toe was so badly injured that the bleeding did not stop for long. The reason for this toe injury is the low ceiling at the rehearsal halls. Even after big time restriction coming from Remo, Salman did a cartwheel and his toe ended up hitting the fan, and he was found lying in a pool of blood with a cut toe".

When asked Salman about this, he says with a smile, "I have now been warned by the mentors not to attempt any kind of stunts on stage. They say that I am one of the strongest contenders, and don't want to lose me due to some injury. I have finally decided not to perform any stunts".

On this week's performance, Salman quips, "I am performing on a Malkhamb act, which is a dance form of Maharashtra. It is basically a rope dance where I am 20 feet above the ground".

Hope Salman sticks to his promise and does not risk doing something exceptional again!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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premikadev 11 years ago Salman, you ROCK. you are the best. I love your stunts and dance, i think you are a natural dancer. you also have a good personality and sexy body.
SRK-ian 11 years ago Salman is such a cutie pie!!
He''s awesome!
Good luck Salman!
RainshineDiva 11 years ago This content is hidden.
yogzz 11 years ago This content is hidden.
-Preeti- 11 years ago i think they are right
he must take care while doing such stunts as its risky for his life

wish him all the best
yipee 11 years ago thank god...mentors r right...he is a strong contender n we shudnt lost him out due to this
radhika_21 11 years ago he''s a really gud dancer, i hope he''s better!
sweet_angel27 11 years ago yeah! he is a strong contestant has a very good chance to win! hope he feels better! :D <3
slowdanse 11 years ago he ought to be more careful! hes a great dancer, very talented...good luck in the long run ! =)
Sanju_ 11 years ago take care of yourself salman...you are a great dancer.
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