Sahyadri gets a new look in Ninja Pandav..

The girl gets a new look as she transforms to a trendy chic uptown girl...


Ninja Pandav on REAL
is all set for another high point in the show as the simple and composed Sahyadri, played by Pooja Pihal gets transformed to a trendy and chic uptown girl.          

Born and brought up in the Himalayas, Sahyadri is getting used to the ways of city life. "She thinks that life in Mumbai is very exciting, but she also thinks it's little strange. When she notices girls in the city especially Alishka swaying in her ultra chic look, trying to woo Arjun, she feels jealous," says the source.

"She desires to dress up like other girls in her school. Watching Arjun getting attracted to Alishka, Sahyadri wants to compete with her," adds the source.

To add to the existing drama, a new student Shaurya enters the school and falls head over heels with Sahyadri.  And as reported by Telly Buzz earlier, Yuvraj Malhotraa will be playing this role and will be doing a cameo. "He tries to woo her with compliments galore and in this process he also provokes her to beat Alishka in her own game. Sahyadri falls prey to Shaurya's designs and agrees to be a part of the game," concludes the khabroo

Will Sahyadri defeat Alishka? Will Arjun and the other Pandavs try and get the old Sahyadri back?


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karanjj 11 years ago ohhhhhhhh my god.... she is really gorgeous, i really want her in my life to blossom my life with her JAANLEVA smile.,she is so cute n sexy..combined! MARJAAVAAN.. !!!!!!!!!!!
Ashu_DMG 11 years ago nice get-up! i like Nanja Pandava...its similar to Power Rangers!
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