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#SahiHai: Maya proves how she is anything but an ORDINARY girl yet again in 'Beyhadh'

The scene is more than just another moment of breaking the stereotypes.


Time and again, Sony TV's mystery thriller, Beyhadh has been portraying some really cool and outstanding moments, one of which we spotted just yesterday as Maya (Jennifer Winget) displays yet another of her unseen side to us.

While Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) are on a hunt for her, Maya is busy venting out all her frustration and exasperation with her rugged workout. And well, the visual that we get is a definite treat.

The Scene: Arjun and Saanjh have escaped the police successfully and are now trying to look for Maya as they are well aware of her presence.

While the two ask everyone if or not they've seen her around, Maya has a different side to unveil as she's seen doing pull ups, hauling and tugging the tyres, and sweating it out. At the end of it, we see her stand on her knees and quote, "Jab tak ek rishtey ki maut nahi hoti, tab tak dusra rishta kese janam le sakta hai."

What we like: We have to give it out to the sheer concept of this scene in particular where instead of displaying the feminine and gentle side of her, we are shown her aggressive side. It is no hidden fact that she has indeed always been more than just a girl madly in love, who is obsessing over a guy, but with this side to her, we are all the more perplexed.

We think that this not only breaks the stereotypes but it is only factors like these that give the show and Maya's character, in particular, an edge.
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anjaanichudi 2017-08-02T23:25:55Z I loved d work out scene of Maya, much better than dt of Arjun
Jennifer Winget if not for u dis show wud b in drains.
jasmeet92 2017-08-02T22:47:12Z Maya Aka Jennifer Is A Brilliant Actress. She Done Her Negative Role With Perfection . She Deserves A Part On 70MM Screen :)
anjaanichudi 2017-08-02T13:51:05Z She was so much more before Arjun entered her life.

Commenting for Jennifer Winget
Alikhan2158 2017-08-02T10:12:23Z Love jenny as Maya in Beyhadh. She slays it totally!! Keep rocking
pesi11 2017-08-02T09:31:22Z I am a maya hater..but IF what are you expecting..just bcoz maya is different you wanted her to have a relationship with samay.. woww.. height's of it. From arjun's perspective his relationship ended with maya.Whoever wrote this article i have no words for them.
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