Sachin Shroff and Janvi step in as Shyam and Suguna..

Shyam and Suguna get back into action in COLORS' Balika Vadhu..

COLORS' Balika Vadhu will see the return of Shyam and Suguna in the coming episodes. The popular characters of the show which were played by Vikrant Massey and Veebha Anand respectively will now be essayed by Sachin Shroff and Janvi Chheda.

We hear that Shyam and Suguna will be re-introduced during the happy occasion of Jagya's (Shashank Vyas) return.

Our source states, "Jagya will come back home after passing out his exams; he is now a professional doctor and the family welcomes him amidst lot of celebration. This is when the new Shyam and Suguna will be shown. The creative team is planning an elaborate track for the couple in the near future".

"Sachin Shroff who replaced the male lead in Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai on COLORS has been roped in to play Shyam. Janvi Chheda who was recently seen in Sony's Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi will be playing the role of Suguna. And this comes after Vikrant and Veebha opted out of Balika Vadhu", adds our source.

Vikrant Massey is presently seen in Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo and Veebha plays the title role in Zee TV's Sanskaar Laxmi.

When contacted, Sachin Shroff confirmed the news, "Yes, I am essaying the role of Shyam in Balika Vadhu".

Janvi Chheda who is getting married in November 2011 had already told TellyBuzz that she was looking for challenging roles, but not that of the lead. "It is a privilege to be part of Balika Vadhu. As I said, I was offered 2-3 lead roles but I do not want to commit myself completely to work because of my wedding plans in the month of November. Suguna has always been a very strong character, and I had never imagined that I would be part of Balika Vadhu one day".

Sachin and Janvi have started shooting from yesterday, and their entry is slated to happen this week..

As reported by TellyBuzz, the progression in the story by about three years will happen very soon..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (15)

don't like the new SUGNA & SHYAM. miss Veebha & Vikrant & also Ashmita Sharma.(Shyam's mother)

13 years ago

kya baat hai... its always gr8 to see JC on screen and wishing both of them a very best for their new venture!!
BTW - R fans invited for the wedding"??

13 years ago

i feel vikrant shuldnt have quit the role of shyam in BV. although i know that being in two shows would have been a lil hectic but shyam was really a strong, true and beautiful soul much closer to what gals would dream of having. and plus he was at his best as shyam.But anyways i guess both viks and vibha would have been too young to play the roles after a leap of so many years. wishing vikrant and vibha all the best and i really happy that shyam and sugna have been reintroducd............all the best to sachin and janvi..........looking forward to their track..........but yeah gonna miss vikrant and veebha a lot.
n yeah its only after a person secures a MD certificate is he supposed to be called a proffessional doc. in the show after the leap of 3 years jagya would have passed only MBBS and not MD. In many countries u are not allowed to add Dr. before your name until u have passed ur MD exams

13 years ago

will miss vikrant & veebha a lot as they were fantastic as shyam & sugna. but it's good that they're replaced coz they're too young to still be in the serial when it's going through leaps after leaps.

btw i don't think BV needs to take a 3 years leap at all. otherwise it means that jagya will be cheating gauri & anandi for a whole 6 years!!! that's too much. gauri will be left completely heart broken to know that the guy with whom she had a relationship for past 6 years is actually a married man & anandi on the other side will be taunted by DS & jagya...it's high time for the CVs to show anandi as a strong character rather than crying all the time. enough of her doormat bahu character...

13 years ago

I loved Vikrant and Vibha as Shyam and Sugna. But I like Sachin too and Jhanvi's also fine. I know they will be able to play the roles well but let's see if their chemistry is as strong as Vikrant and Vibha's =)
All the best! I don't even follow the show anymore

13 years ago

This article should have mentioned that Sachin is currently in Rakt Sambandh. Would have been nice to know whether he's leaving it, although his presence in that serial has been sporadic at best

13 years ago

plzzz bring Shilpa anand in ur show we to bring Shilpa anand she is an amazing acteress plzzzzzzzzzz bring her

13 years ago

great info. would love to see sachin back, although I liked vikrant

13 years ago

we are very happy that strong actors has been choosen for these characters. all the best both of you.......

13 years ago

Oh,,I loved Veebha n Vikrant as Shyam n Suguna...they both were young n fitted the role perfectly then.
I think they should have been changed post leap only..changing them now..seems a bit weird..though i am looking forward to it to see how sachin n janvi will do it.
Good luck BV..u need them a lot now :)

13 years ago

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