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SAB TV to yet come with another laugh riot.

Vipul Amrutlal shah and deven bhojani team up to co-produce a show for Sab TV.

Acclaimed producer-Director Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Deven Bhojwani have teamed up to co-produce a show for SAB TV titled Bhai Bhiaya Aur Brother. The maker of popular family entertainers like Namaste London, Waqt, Action Replay etc Vipul Amrutlal Shah returns to small screen with this light hearted show along with prolific writer-actor-director Deven Bojani famous for sitcoms like Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, Khichdi and Baa Bahoo aur Baby, to give the audience yet another laugh-riot.

Anooj Kapoor, EVP & Business Head, SAB TV says, "In keeping with our positioning of being a family comedy entertainment channel we have roped in Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Deven Bhojani, who are co-producing Bhai Bhaiya Aur Brother. Both of them are known for creating clean and entertaining light hearted content that appeals to the entire family. Through this association we will provide yet another engaging show for our loyal viewers."

Vipul Amrutlal Shah, producer says, "The core mantra of our work has always been to present the viewers with wholesome family entertainers that can be enjoyed by the entire family. This is also the ethos of SAB TV and hence this association with SAB TV. Bhai Bhaiya Aur Brother is a refreshing show that captures the lives of three brothers that return after a span of 25 years to stay together. In doing so how their families adjust to each other in a light hearted manner, is the core essence of the show. I am sure the viewers are going to enjoy this show a lot."

Deven Bhojwani said that, "SAB TV has carved a niche for itself as a light hearted family entertainment channel and is the perfect platform for this story. It feels great to collaborate with Vipul Amrutlal Shah who is giving me an opportunity to turn producer. I am sure this show will certainly help to cultivate joint family system and instill greater bonding between families."

Author -Krishma Solanki.


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snrlb 8 years ago thats great news, I like deven bhojani... and the name of this shows is very like that of Baa bahoo aur baby my best show ever...hope its story would also be the same..

but I wanted Sarabhai vs Sarabhai season 2 to come also, plz Hatsoff Production, & years are over now... We cant wait..2012-04-25 02:41:02
syedasoha 8 years ago if u are making a comedy show u must take aasif sheikh for it!!! he has done many remarkable shows and he is known for comedy!! u must take him! thank u
cherry_ik 8 years ago I like SAB TV but seriously...MRs. Tendulkar was HORRIBLE.
canadianbabe 10 years ago Kareena's back is lean and looks beautiful. No fat at all - appreciate it guys! Have you seen girls with back-fat - yuck!

Moreover, there are other issues to resolve in India - leave Kareena alone!
kiran--madi 10 years ago It all means Kareena Kapoor can go to any extent jst 4 the sake of money...she says "there's nthn wrng in the posters"---she doesnot find anythng wrng?she's ridiculous!!!
...Aphrodite... 10 years ago People are really pathetic for even bringing this up. Yes. It may have been an issue if the poster was meant to sexually arouse or entice but like Saif said it is tasteful. I'm not a Kareena or Saif fan but I think we need to look at the connotations of the poster instead of 'Oh Kareena's naked'. By the way I'm sure the precious children of India have seen ALOT worse than a back....really guys? Surely India has manty more issues that need about sending a saree to people that don't have money to buy one? Maybe they would be more appreciative?
Rehana86 10 years ago ok it is a fact that shud be taken care of....but is it that much of a big deal compared to other political problems in india....*rolls eyes*
neetu23 10 years ago y is everyone making a big deal bout this.....ders so many other problems in india to look at come dey dont talk bout dat, but dey always hav to talk bout da actors...i mean so wat if her back is showing, wat bout movies like murder, jism, etc nobody made such a issue bout dat....i mean comeon its da 21st centry n if ppl think this is bold then y do dey do it in real life themselves.....ders so many girls who dress like der not dressed.....many girls wear shirts dat hav der backs naked.....ppl hav to stop minding others business n think of themsleves b4 they talk bout others......i kno half these ppl writhing these commits r from good indian or asian families who dress da way "we" do i! i dont even wear sleave less shirts, not even capris, but i dont think ppl r bad if they wear stuff like this....its der own choice n ppl hav no rite to hate em cuz da way dey dress!!!!
Lamia17 10 years ago sighhh really..fine i agree its a lil bold but havent doesnt the ppl of India have other problems besides this poster..anyway cant wait till the movie comes out
RandomSquared 10 years ago jesus not a fan of kareena but seriously ppl need better things to do. its her back, so what? its meant to be bold dats the point.
im sure there are a lot of bigger problems in india than kareena kapoors bare back poster lol
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