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Saavi Ki Sawari: Nityam's jealousy sparks after discovering Manav's love letter to Saavi

Nityam fumes upon seeing Manav's love letter for Saavi. Is this the beginning of his realisation of having a soft corner for Saavi?

Published: Tuesday,May 09, 2023 13:33 PM GMT-06:00
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Farman Haider and Samridhii Shukla

Colors TV's show Saavi Ki Sawari has been keeping the audience hooked with its current track. The track focuses on Saavi playing on her life to save Nityam's life and Nityam slowly realising his feelings for Saavi. 

In the upcoming episodes of the show, we will see Nityam fuming upon reading a love letter written to Saavi by Manav. In this letter, Manav will pour his heart out and will tell Saavi that he loves her. He will further tell Saavi that she does not need to stay with 'Mr. Dalmia,' aka, Nityam and that he wants to spend his life with her. This letter will land into Sonam's hands and Sonam will hand it over to Nityam. 

While Nityam will be left fuming upon reading this letter, He will go ahead to talk to Saavi and will tell her that she should take her medicines on time so that she recovers soon and goes away from his house. He will tell her that he has been guilty and that Saavi played on her life to save him. Further, Nityam will think of his soft corner for Saavi as a result of the guilt which arose from Saavi saving him over her own life. 

In this entire incident, what Nityam will fail to understand is that Manav's feelings for Saavi are one-sided and that Saavi does not feel the same way for Manav. 

What are your views on the current track of Saavi Ki Sawari? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Samridhii Shukla Farman Haider Saavi Ki Savaari 

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