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Saas Bahu ki Pehli Mulaqat...

Rakhi Sawant meets her prospective moms-in-law who do not leave a stone unturned in wooing her....

Published: Wednesday,Jul 15, 2009 20:21 PM GMT-06:00
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Rakhi Sawant is one lucky girl! This to-be-bride has managed to win the love and affection of her to-be mothers-in-law since day one.

Saas Bahu ki Pehli Mulaqat...
Be it personally registering their sons in the Swayamvar to sending Rakhi the Khandaani Kangan, the doting mothers-in-law have left no stone unturned to keep their to-be-bahu happy. This time however, not one but four of Rakhi's prospective mothers-in-law came all the way to Udaipur to meet and interact with their to be 'bahurani'.

Yes, the mothers of Luv, Manas, Chhitiz and Manmohan recently visited the Fatehgarh palace to meet Rakhi and spoke at length to the gorgeous damsel on the cultures and traditions followed in their respective families.

Our Canadian NRI Elesh was dejected as his parents could not make it to visit Rakhi due to visa problems and broke down in tears seeing the other boys' mothers bonding with Rakhi. And if you thought that these boys are the only ones doing their best to woo and please Rakhi, then you are in for a huge surprise as the mothers of these boys go a step ahead to shower their love and gifts on Rakhi.

Luv's mother gifted Rakhi a Ganesh idol and Kangan, Manas' mother prepared some ghar ka khana for her bahu, Chhitiz's mom got Rakhi some childhood memories of Chhitiz, while Manmohan's mother got Rakhi some Holy 'Gangajal' from Rishikesh.

Well! Our Khabroo tells us that our gorgeous bride-to-be was totally smitten by her prospective moms-in-law and was moved to tears on being showered with lots of love.

To find out which Saasu maa leaves a lasting impression on Rakhi Sawant, tune in to Rakhi ka Swayamvar on Thursday, July 16th at 9.00 pm only on NDTV Imagine.
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raanya @raanya 14 years ago she"s definitely gonna marry ellesh as she had always struggled 4 money and only elesh has got that so elesh all d best..........rakhi ko tm hi sambhal sakte ho .....cox u r already hairless
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no one knows @arjun-arohi 14 years ago rakhi i respect u that u have struggled so much in ur life it is very hard for a girl to be recognised as item gal but why r u making false promises of marrying a guy through this reality show to speak the truth in ur show it is shown that the guys are given tasks on the basis of which they gets eliminated so reality show if u had really try to find ur life partner u wouldnt have done this and specially that luv o god such a grt actor i just cant tolerate that guy any more i will really feel bad if manas gets eliminated bcz he is so sweet caring and to me he can be a grt life partner 4u if want to marry
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khushboo @khushboo_kzk 14 years ago may god bless you.
is she really going marry. if yes, then
best of luck for rest of your life. may your life full of happiness
but please don't create another drama sequence
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paianjalir @paianjalir 14 years ago May God bless u and help u make the right decision
acc. to me Elesh is the best choice....

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shumshad parveen @shumi. 14 years ago i agree with @ Knowalot2.
few more things i want to add ....rakhi's maikay waalay(parents) don't want her to get marry.they don't want to loose her earnings(how mean they are).poor girl living separately on her own.in this condition this was the best option for her to choose a life partner. yet another thing... for marriage girl has to spend so much money for marriage dress,jewelry,marriage hall ,dayhaz,in addition to dowry.yahaan tho ullta hai.channel will be giving huge amout to rakhi for each episode,spends lots in her costume and marriage will be free of cost ..all the expenses will be bared my NDTV...wow...go rakhi go...wish you all the best.
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petticoat @petticoat 14 years ago LOL...she actually has pallu on her ehad...


no offence..pucca nautanki!~
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Jasmine @Jasmine... 14 years ago lol m enjoying this show...its so much nautanki...lollll
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Jemini @jsimzia 14 years ago that means Gujju boy is out from the show or what ?
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N/A @four. 14 years ago this show is hilarious LOLL!
everything is so fake
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liquidfantasy @liquidfantasy 14 years ago nautanki ki height rakhi ji...sar par pallu..lol..'pardesiya' bhool gayi kya...

No Offence to rakhi fans(if any!)
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