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Saarthi going off air ! Breaking news !

Arjun-Bhoomi reunion probably marks the end of this endearing Star Plus serial.


Even as the fans all over of this once ‘hut ke’ serial are celebrating their jubilance at lead pair Arjun and Bhoomi’s reunion, ( check the following link: ) our sources have revealed that this Mahabharat styled serial, complete with the mighty Lord Krishna, is going to go off air soon.

Saarthi has carved a niche for itself among the gamut of family dramas that are screened on the small screen 24/7. Although it did fall prey to the garden variety script of accident-death-come-back-with-a-new-identity mediocre story line when it replaced the lead actress Neha devi Singh with Jhalak Thakkar, loosing a lot of it’s initial charm as well as audience, it had gained back a little ground and interest with some tight pace and happy twists in the recent episodes. The presence of Lord Krishan, the , with his sagacious premonitions hinting towards knowing the larger picture of the story added to the allure of the drama.

So while the last episode gave some inclination of another storm in the story line through the ever charismatic Krishanji, few would be prepared for this storm.

Apparently, the serial has run it’s course and has finished the required number of episodes it was stipulated.

Although the move to take this serial go off air is a good one considering the current plot, we only hope it would be on a happy and satisfactory note where all the loose ends get tied up, unlike many serials which just vanish into the thin air one fine morning.

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maha786 2007-05-23T13:01:38Z it was gud show and for sure 'hatke serial' gr8 happy ending unlike other shows and nice article def there will b a replacement for the show which is yet to b revealed
-Pj- 2007-05-23T12:49:58Z if it end i hope it ends nicel but i dont want it to end it a nice show its different to all
..oneOone.. 2007-05-23T09:44:51Z ohhh
me gonna miss it
but happy that they are ending it in a good way
this serial is quite different and is quite intresting...........

Yuvika_15 2007-05-23T06:08:52Z nice show..glad 2 c Arjun and Bhoomi reunited :D
Khushi. 2007-05-23T05:55:54Z thanks for the article...but i hope the news is not true...this serial is different and it should be there...
preetysadia 2007-05-23T05:18:08Z My mom loves this daram I hope it doesn't go off air
simy14 2007-05-23T04:09:54Z I seriously hope its not true. Y wud they want to do this???? Saarrthi is better than most other serials anyway. Its just not right :(
bluedollie 2007-05-23T02:37:31Z I don't want Saarthi to end so soon the show has still has to go a long way they can continue it still. Thanks for the update, nice article!
Catwoman 2007-05-23T01:32:32Z This concept was good and i loved bhoomi and shefali but since the old actress left the show still did not loose it's charm!! well done!!

But the serial ending is disappointing!!

uvcraziestfan 2007-05-23T00:57:18Z aww i liked dis show why is it ending:(
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