Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Preview for Friday June 15th!

A Treat for Vishal-Shekar Fans, as the 'Hit It' Mentors take the stage with their foot-tapping, rocking numbers!!

This Friday’s episode is dedicated to Vishal-Shekhar songs. It will surely be a treat,especially for the Vishal-Shekhar fans!! They will get to see plenty of action from this duo. The “Hit It” mentors, along with the participants open the show with “Allah ke Bande” and “Right Here Right Now. In fact Bappida enjoys it so much that he requests them to sing “Salaam Namaste” & “Mumbai Nagariya” as well , which they oblige and set the stage rocking.They indeed give a power packed performance!

From the participant’s side, performance wise, the show stealer is Joy Chakraborty - the boy the Assam, of Rock Gharana who gives a mindblowing performance with the song “Tu Aashiqui Hain” from the movie “Jhankar Beats”. Justifiably, he picks up a lot of praise and appreciation from the mentors, mahagurus and the audience alike. Sikander Ali of Josh Gharana sings “Musu Musu hasi” very well and gets appreciated too.

Incidently here is a bit of information of Vishal. He is not only the lead singer of the Band “Pentagram”, but he is also the lyricist of most of his compositions.

The Band “Petagram” is today’s special guest. They get invited on stage and the AV of their new song “Voice” which is yet to be released is played. Later Shekhar dedicates a song “Dil Se Mere Door Na Jaana” to his wife, daughter and to the Band Pentagram.

The show looks very promising. If you want to know more details about who else performed well, who was most disappointing ,what were the other mentors upto, what are the highlights of this episode, all you have to do is, - tune in to your favorite show tomorrow i.e.SRGMP on 15th June at 10PM IST for all the details.

Reporter: Barnali.
Author: Barnali

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great job by VS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep it up

16 years ago

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17 years ago

I'm looking forward to this episode.
Thanks for the preview.

17 years ago

ohh I did nt know musu musu hasi is their song.... its beautiful song.... Sikander is really a great all round singer with superb voice.... and Joy is good at foot tapping numbers as he enjoys them a lot... when he perform on stage i feel like sonu is in full mood as he dance on stage in same way

thanks for wonderful article barnalidi

17 years ago

my shakky gonna rule this epi.but i gotta wait for one weeeeeeek
i looove shakkyyyyyyyyy

17 years ago

aaah awesum!!!!! cant wait fr d show tos tart shucks m so excited abt the show that m even gonna skip a party fr it lol
thnx fr all d info.....that shaky pic is real cute!!!

17 years ago

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