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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge Preview of Friday!

The Contest gets tougher as we reach the Agnipareeksha round.. The two winners of the Bramhastra Round will be revealed this week...

Published: Friday,Jul 06, 2007 10:21 AM GMT-06:00
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Finally the wait is over and the Agnipariksha rounds commences this week in SRGMP. The contest gets tougher as the best 14 contestants of the contest across the world fight for this big title. This week the two “Brahmastra Round” winners for whom the voting has already taken place will join the already existing 12 contestants. Who will the lucky two contestants be, will it be any top two or a guy and a girl will get selected – To know all this suspense, do not miss out the show as you get to know all this in this week’s episode.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge Preview of Friday!
Friday’s episode will start with all the participants singing with their mentors in chorus heralding the arrival of the toughest rounds of this “Vishvayudh”. But Ismail Durbar still has reservations with the regional winner’s entry into the contest. He is unhappy with the decision and makes no attempt to hide it too. He feels it’s unfair and injustice to the other mentors. But finally it’s them who enter the scene and request the composer to calm down and reason with him saying he must atleast give a chance for these two contestants, Aneek and Abhijeet to perform before taking any decision. Ismail Durbar finally agrees and the show is carried forward.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge Preview of Friday!
The relief factor for Ismail Darbar, after this heated discussion, is the performance of his Gharana contestant Poonam. She will be giving an enthralling performance on Friday. So much so that Himesh is forced to give her the title “A small Atom bomb” on the show. But it is the contestant from Jabalpur Sumedha who will get the biggest surprise on Friday. Her dream of becoming the play back singer will get fulfilled even before she wins the contest. Yes, she will be getting an offer to do playback singing – and the offer is from none other than Mahesh Bhat for his forthcoming movie. Seems lots of contestants in this show are getting their future as singers secured.

Friday will be a bad day for Musarrat, Joy and Nirupa. According to all the mentors their performances were very average. But the show stealer will be Anik Dhar, the Bangla SRGMP winner who got the direct entry into the Agnipariksha round. Hope Ismail Durbar will not have any more grudges after that performance.

Hopefully as we enter into the finals, we will get to hear some good performances from the contestants. But there will definitely be controversies and drama as the voting begins after this. Let’s hope that the right judgment is made by the public and may the best one win. What songs will the contestants perform, what role Mahesh Bhat plays, who are the two Brahmastra Round winners and what scores and comments are given by the mentors – To know all this stay tuned to watch SRGMP at 10 PM on Friday only on Zee TV.

Author: Barnali

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smriti sonkar @smritisonkar 16 years ago seems intresting...lets wait n watch what happens today.
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illuminated. @illuminated. 16 years ago seems intresting...great work Barnali Di
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ajooni @ajooni 16 years ago an excellent write up barnali ji..wonderful!let us hope the all the girls get a chance to bring it on..they have been getting a lot of extreme reactions,and the boys get off easier..
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Krupa @-Krupa- 16 years ago great article..i dont usually watch SRGMP..but i do sometimes..
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