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Rupali Ganguly opens up on 'Anupamaa' losing top spot to 'Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin'

Many suspected it (GHKPM) take over the top spot this week and it did so convincingly.

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It come across as quite a surprise as Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (GHKPM) went on to break the streak of Anupamaa being on the top spot for umpteen weeks now. The latter was almost inevitably the topper every week but it was last week when GHKPM came close as a whisker to getting the top spot. Many suspected it take over the top spot this week and it did so convincingly.

In an interview with ETimes TV, Rupali Ganguly aka Anupamaa herself was asked about it. To this, she first casually responded saying, "Achchi baat hai. Kisi aur show ko bhi toh kabhi mauka mile (It's fine. Let some other show have the opportunity to go ahead, once in a way), It encourages us to work harder."

When asked if calls were made, she said, "Nothing. Mr Rajan Shahi (producer) is as cheerful as ever." Then talking about possible reason, she said, "Since Aashish and I both were unwell, the writers had to deviate from the main story. But think of it they still managed to keep the viewer's interest alive. Even Tassnim Sheikh has been indisposed. It was not an easy time for the writers."

When asked if they are going to bounce back next week, she said, "That's for the channel and producer to know. We are just actors. Of course, there is competition. But we will put our best foot forward, no doubt."

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surabhi01 4 months ago And what rubbish thing they had shown last Week
That makers played hamaari adhuri kahan song i for anu and raj last week
What adhuri kahani??

Jub aise romantic song play karenge for anu and raj to when divorce is going to happen then TRP kahan se increase hogi
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suresh555 4 months ago I can only see more negativity after the divorce. Anu's struggles to succeed without any help as its against her self respect. Kavya and Vanraj 's troublesome marriage, and kavya's war with the Shahs.
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shahsb_26 4 months ago Lol... To be honest, its not a big deal... Anupama has become such a drag!! Ghum had good track... Like I was getting hooked to Instagram clips... Both the shows are still in top 5... Who cares.... I doubt it should matter to anyone, channel, producers, or actors... Just fans can party a bit...

Ab divorce is still like in process... This show is like showing 10 minutes of timeline in 30 mins of episode... Which is sad!
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surabhi01 4 months ago I will like blame anupama writer iitself for such badly drop of TRP

First main reason is that they are streching divorce track uncessary and filled with uncessary track. 15 minute they have wasted on pluckinng mango and then putting mango in water and tjen eating mango and then kavya saying mango khane se pimple hote hai so thse track are uncessary

Second reason is showimg fake flash back of anu and raj sweet moment
I Dont know wby cvs Hell bent on showimg fake flash back of sweet romantic moment between anu and raj. Actually vanraj from last 25 year he treated anupama like maid and he Even didi not talk to her property . So wby they are showimg suchi fake flash

And more over when divorce is going to happen then showimg fake flash back that is sweet moment between anu and raj is not making any sense

Rather should show in flash back how vanraj use to treat badly anupama and he committee adultery that is why divorce happening

Third reason is TRP down they are projecting that only kavya is responsible for home breaking every body is blaming kavya only kavya for home breaking and showimg vanraj completely mahatma
In fact they should show for home breaking only kavya os not responsible but vanraj is also responsible
So for now on ward please stop showimg fake flash back of sweet moment between anu and raj
Stop blaming only kavya for home breaking
And please stop showimg too much filler to again increase viewership se ship of anupama
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