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Rumpa 'Perfect' Bride's journey to the top...

Never in her wildest dreams, Rumpa Roy would have imagined that she would be titled the 'Perfect Bride' by the end of the show!! Here is an insight on her journey...

Published: Thursday,Dec 17, 2009 11:51 AM GMT-07:00
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It's destiny!! When Rumpa Roy participated in Star Plus' Perfect Bride, she must have never in her wildest dreams imagined that she would indeed get married by the end of the show. The Big Fight in the Finale between viewers' favorite, Priyanka Sharma and Rumpa Roy did really raise the bar for the channel, as the Finale episode fetched a TVR of 3.0

Rumpa Perfect Brides journey to the top...
When co-contestants, Priyanka Sharma and Pooja Tandon were being voted as the 'Bride of the Week' week after week, when except for Gaurav Narang, no boy was interested in looking at Rumpa, the girl made the 'impossible' possible. . Yes, Hitesh Chauhan did kiss her feet in one of the earlier tasks, but soon his focus shifted to the light-eyed Pooja. He began winning tasks for her, taking her out on dates to the Gulabi Mahal even as Rumpa nursed a broken heart, after Gaurav had been eliminated by Priyanka -- and a grudge against Priyanka.

Luckily for her, Rumpa got saved once from bidaai and she bid her time doing time-pass and bitching about other contestants even as the Priyanka-Rajbir and Pooja-Hitesh love stories blossomed.

When Pooja dropped a bomb on Hitesh and his gregarious mum, Sudeshnarani, that she didn't "feel love" for Hitesh, things did change!!. While Hitesh and his mother felt bad for being taken for a ride, the outspoken bte ki maa didn't waste any time and shifted her focus on the other remaining worthy 'bride to be' --  Rumpa Roy.

Fortunately for her, her son too saw sense in his mother's wish to get Rumpa home; so after weeping for Pooja for a couple of days, he began looking at Rumpa with  renewed interest. Pooja's eventual elimination at the hands of Sudeshnarani made things easier for all the parties concerned as Rumpa came back into the game even as competition fell by the wayside. The Rajbir-Priyanka romance too had lost its steam, with Rajbir's adamant father proving to be the proverbial thorn in the flesh.

If Rumpa Roy became the Perfect Bride, then the credit solely goes to Hitesh's mother, her positive attitude and steely determination to bring home the bride at any cost. For that if she had to decimate the competition, she did, for that if she had to prove one-up on Rumpa's aggressive mother, she did, for that if she had to ensure she was playing a fair game and announcing it time and again on camera, she did and so behind every successful man (read Hitesh) there stands a woman and that's his mother, Sudeshnarani Chauhan. Her command became the wish of her son, her husband (who confessed of having no say in "Rani's decision, we are happy with whatever she has decided") and of course Rumpa, who seemed to be so thrilled to become Hitesh's bride that she didn't mind picking a fight with her own mother, she didn't mind giving up "maach" for her would-be husband and his outspoken, outgoing mother without who success wouldn't have been possible and sweeter! So if Rumpa has become the bride, she has a lot to thank her mother in law for.

Reporter and Author: Kshama Rao
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asmeta09 @asmeta09 13 years ago I personally think that Priyanka & Rajbir should have won, as they were the only genuine couple going through true life dramas and stress in the girl being accepted into a family etc. While Rumpa still doesnt see that she was the 2nd choice for Hitesh. It shall be interesting to see how long the marriage will last and if she can control his temper. I think the judges should have at least thought about the runners up prizes as well, I feel so sorry for them, as they got nothing and did not even turn up to marriage on screen! Let's hope that they have a big wedding affair with the full works and both sides are happy.
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how does it matter? @willina 13 years ago when 2 ppl have started a nw journey after their marriage, instead of wishing this newly wed couple , bickerings and fightings are still going on....... and what is more surprising is that a one sided discussion which is appropriate only in the DIscuSSiOn ForUms is printed as an article on india-forum.ss!!!!!!.....who qualifies this one sided argument as a report ????? i would like to ask this question to the IF-DEv team>>>>?????

in my 2 yrs of association with india-forums i have never seen a hate message against a contestant could be passed of as a report as th views expressed are solely the authors thought , not a general proved opinion of the producers of the show...i am shocked at india-forums's aricle!!!..and surely not expected...........
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sheela @Aamnakideewani 13 years ago each and every word is true lovely article word to word truth both hitesh and rumpa were chance seeker
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Britneyy @Britneyy 13 years ago truth...lonely soul bitching abt ppl...while no one was interested in her
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karankritz @karankritz 13 years ago i wish priyanka rajbir were d winnners *:(*
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Aditi @adoremevirgo 13 years ago priyanka-rajbir deserved to win...their love is true and noone is second choice unlike rumpa who is second choice of hitesh only wen pooja dumped him.
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monahil @tripple_em 13 years ago "bitching about other contestants even as the Priyanka-Rajbir and Pooja-Hitesh love stories blossomed." .
Hahhaa..Cant belive they actually wrote tht.!
Well..she shouldnt have won clearly!Nobody even knew about her before..And now all of a sudden this girl comes and wins the Perfect Bride!Like..Where Did You Come From!Shit..but still..Priyanka Should've won...Not Unknown RUMPA!Like..i get the point she's pretty..but dude...priyanka and Raj.like..where in the world of perfect bride did you come in from! AND..RUMPA WAS ALWAYS THE "DRAMA QUEEN" She startes everything and den..acts like she didnt do nothin..But..stiill
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NEELAM K. SUDHIR @NKSUDHIR 13 years ago I am pretty sure, Channel did some Khichdi on votes as it was there first show and they knoew that Oriyanka and Rajbir are the first contenders but as they didn't want to get married untill Rajbir's dad agrees so channel just went ahead and manupilated the votes and made Rumpa and Hitesh winners as their mother's Danda was on channels head.
Hitesh mither must have argued for her son that in Rumpa-Hitesh jodi, every one agrees so why not pick them instead of the deserving couple.
But anyways, they are the winning couple so God Bless them and I hope they stay in love for rest of their lives!!!
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zanish_k @zanish_k 13 years ago Rumpa-hitesh chemistry is far natural than pri-rajbeer.so rumpa is a sweet and simple girl,she fought and win.
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Beti @MuslimGirl 13 years ago RUMPA deserved to win..!! !!!

she's the perfect bride..!! hitesh --rumpa rocksss...!!!
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