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Rumors are part of this industry: Chavi pandey!

Actress Chavi Pandey talks about the craziest rumor she heard about herself...

With the growing popularity, our Telly celebs come across many rumors. Our Wednesday column focuses on the celebs who have heard some craziest rumor about themselves and share their reaction on the same.

This week we got in touch with Chhavi Pandey, last seen on Bandhan, and she shared her reaction towards the craziest rumor she has heard about herself...

"Rumors never affects me, being in the industry I have accepted one fact that rumors are part of our industry. When I was shooting in Umargaon for Bandhan Saat Janamon Ka I came across a news that I am dating Pracheen Chauhan. We both share a very good bond but that doesn't mean that I am dating him. I also heard that I was dating Viraf Phiroz Patel when I was doing Ek Boond Ishq and that was even not true. While doing a show actors share certain comfort level but that is always misinterpreted. However, I have never taken these rumors seriously."

Phalguni Sharma


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Vartika07 5 years ago I wish one rumour with Viraf would have been true not that oldie Pracheen..
Archi21 5 years ago Chhavi Pandey
we miss you

Hoping for your come back on screen
Az07 5 years ago Chhavvi Pandey is a fabulous actress
Happy that u don't bother much about rumours. It's all part of this industry. Hope to see u soon on screen in a good role

SamreenJ 5 years ago Thanks IF for the article.
We all fans wants to see chhavi and viraf together.
mastaTmohi 5 years ago Thank you IF for the article. Its good to know chhavi pandey takes no notice of rumours. Adored her as Tara in Ek boond ishq and Miss her on screen Jodi with Viraf patel a lot.2015-06-10 13:27:57
Shaina_b 5 years ago I just want to see her with Viraf again!!!!

ViCha rocks!!!!

Unpredictable 8 years ago 3idiots was the best movie with a very good message... Aamir rocks
Siddhi_ 8 years ago Aww, it feels so nice to read such things. 3 Idiots was a wonderful movie with a great message. It feels good to know what the movie has made possible for this school and its students.
shivani003 8 years ago That school looked really nice in the movie. Iam glad to know there are so many generous ppl out there and a rocking movie like 3 Idiots has helped them.
chupBILKULchup 8 years ago Gr8 ,hatss off to 3 idiots makers n cast crew...
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