Rubina Dilaik takes a stand against post-Diwali Crackers, faces 'Anti Hindu' label from trolls

Rubina Dilaik took to her twitter handle to slam the trolls addressing her as 'Anti-Hindu' for taking a stand against post Diwali crackers bursting.

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Rubina Dilaik

Rubina Dilaik, known for her assertive opinions, particularly showcased during her stint on Bigg Boss 14, is once again making headlines. Taking to her Twitter handle recently, Rubina criticized individuals still bursting crackers post-Diwali, highlighting the adverse effects on the environment and her own sleep.

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Rubina tweeted, ''To whomsoever it may Concern! Diwali is OVER, Stop bursting crackers 🙅🏻‍♀️….. since 10th November, non stop crackers are being burnt till 3am in the morning 😡……. ENOUGH NOW…. Air pollution toh hai hi ….  Noise pollution is killing our sleeps …..''

However, her straightforward stance led to some trolls labeling her as 'Anti Hindu.' Unfazed by the criticism, Rubina promptly shared screenshots of these comments, addressing the haters and asserting that she celebrates the festival more sincerely than those accusing her. She emphasized that her celebration doesn't come at the cost of disrupting someone else's peace.

In a follow-up tweet, Rubina reiterated her point by stating that Diwali is a celebration of Lord Rama's return after Vanvaas, and there's no mention in the Ramayana of bursting crackers for ten consecutive days.

The actress wrote, ''Diwali, is a festival of lights , celebration of Shree Ram returning to Ayodhya !Well, Ramayan mein bursting crackers for 10days was never mentioned , So all you Pseudo Hindu propaganda agents , Go and find someone ELSE to highlight your paid accounts and fake ids!  Dare NoT''

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@BiloxiBlues Try saying all that without getting emotional. I know it’s too hard for a dimwitted c*nt like you but still try.

Of course a dirty thug supporter will rush to the defense of thugs. Filthy hindutva thug supporters like yourself can’t handle the truth. Now go cry in a corner, dumb bitch!

3 months ago

Fantastic response to these Hindutva thugs.

3 months ago

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