Rubii going off air..

Rubii produced by BAG Films is the next show on 9X that is slated to go off air...

Dark clouds surely seem to be hovering around 9X, as the latest news making rounds is that their relatively new show Rubii, produced by BAG Films is going off air.

According to our khabroo, “Yes, the show is slated to go off air. As of now, the channel has told all production houses not to resume shoot; but even then, Rubii has gone off air, and will not continue.

We called up Chahat Khanna, who plays one of the lead roles in the show to know more. She confirms and goes on to say, "We were intimated of it yesterday. I really do not know the reason behind it, but we are told that Rubii has already gone off air, and even if shoot resumes for other shows in 9X, we will not be continuing".

We called up Rajesh Chaddha, Supervising Producer, BAG Films for a confirmation on the same, but he said, “Nothing is finalized as every show on 9X has been put to a halt. We are waiting for the channel’s decision. Nothing can be said right now”.

We tried calling up Indrani Mukherjea, Founder and CEO, INX, but she remained unavailable for comments..

For the uninitiated, Rubii is the second 9X show after Chak De Bachche which has been cut short mid-way!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Chahatt Khanna

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that sux... but with the whole channel going off, the shows on 9X have to get ready to go of air!


15 years ago

They should have given atleast a proper ending to the show!!

15 years ago

that''s sad!
i think they should have given it a proer end!

15 years ago

i dont watch dis soap....but i feel bad for all RUBI fans

15 years ago

OMG hope this dont effect KDMH i cant live with out RAKUN!!!

15 years ago

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