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Roshan’s Reunite; Hrithik’s sister Sunaina breaks up with Ruhail Amin

All’s good in the Roshan family’s hood as Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina has decided to break up with her boyfriend Ruhail Amin and reunite with her family leaving the bitter past behind...


The Roshan family went through the toughest times lately. With filmmaker Rakesh Roshan's daughter, Sunaina’s shocking claims against her family to the unfortunate demise of Hrithik’s grandfather J Om Prakash, the Roshans faced utmost agony. 

For the uninitiated, Sunaina Roshan had made shocking revelations about her family and had stated that she was living in hell. She had also stated that her father Rakesh Roshan physically abused her for falling in love with a Muslim guy, named Ruhail Amin, whom he claimed to be a terrorist.

She had also revealed that her brother Hrithik Roshan "did not approve" of her relationship with Ruhail Amin. However, a close friend of the Roshans had come out and cleared the air by stating that the Roshans were not very keen on Sunaina being in a relationship with Ruhail as he is a married man with kids. It was being said that as Sunaina has had a few failed relationships, her parents didn't want her to end up making one more wrong choice of partner.

Furthermore, things had gotten worse when Sunaina approached Roshan's arch-rival, Kangana Ranaut for help and support in their family matter.

However, it looks like the bad times are finally over for the Roshan family as Sunaina has reportedly broken up with Ruhail Amin. She has decided to move on from the relationship and is back with her family. In fact, Sunaina was also a part of Rakesh Roshan's 70th birthday celebration on Sep 6, reported Spotboye.

The media portal also contacted Ruhail Amin to know the other side of the story. Ruhail texted  back saying, "It's 'fact free' and half truth."

However, if we go by the reports, finally all’s good in the Roshan family’s hood! 

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