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Roo ba roo With Abhijeet Sawant On Indian Idol Today!!

The aspiring participants break into a joyous chatter as the first Indian Idol pays them a surprise visit; Read on for more and enjoy the EXCLUSIVE SLIDE SHOWS.

The Indian Idol contestants did not have a clue of what was in store for them when they sat chatting with Mini Mathur for the weekly episode of Roobaroo . There was singing, dancing and even acting! In a hilarious performance Parleen and Ankita enacted the golden fiftees' hit song Awaaz de kahaan hai…! In the middle of all the fun and games they had a surprise visitor on the sets. There, standing in their midst, was none other than Abhijeet Sawant, the first Indian Idol!
Abhijeet was delighted to be back on the sets of the show that took him to dizzying heights of popularity. He was happy to see familiar faces on the sets. He said he missed his team of Indian Idol as he sat there on the same show once again. "A big difference this time is that I came in my own car and not a borrowed one as I did during my Indian Idol days!" he said happily. Abhijeet is ready with his new album shot in Ladakh. Catch the first glimpse of the new album as it premieres on Roobaroo.
Abhijeet has been keenly following Indian Idol. Pointing to Amit Paul he said, "You are progressing in the same pattern that I did, so work hard you just might be the next Indian Idol!" Amit was so thrilled he obliged Abhijeet by singing a Telugu song. Abhijeet reciprocated by singing a Bengali one to the delight of all the Bongs present! The contestants had a whale of time bombarding Abhijeet with questions and doubts plaguing them. The star that he is now, Abhijeet answered each one of their queries with honesty and was seen offering tips way after the lights went out.
The happy group even got together and sang Abhijeet's signature song Mohabbatein lootaunga …

Catch Abhijeet Sawant and the contestants of Indian Idol in their element on Roobaroo on Thursday night at 9 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Author: Minnie Gupta

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ShellyB 2007-07-12T15:34:45Z abhijeet Sawant is the 1 & only true Indian Idol its really gud to see him back on the screen waise his new songs just aired today n'll :D
griffy.fz 2007-07-12T06:43:46Z thanxx 4 the article looking 4ward to watch today's episode!
tina_sre 2007-07-12T05:51:23Z omg..Charu is looking awesome...y didn't chang give rose to charu.
dipika1994 2007-07-12T05:05:11Z hi how are you? i hope you will allright
ana13 2007-07-12T04:05:40Z hey.....this will b a kool episode.....already gettin exited 2 watch it...awwwww.....buttercup...chang is mine luv him!!!!
shizajaved 2007-07-12T02:17:42Z ahaan can't wait to watch the epi tonite!! woho00!!! all r looking superb!!! :D
-Kash- 2007-07-12T00:02:26Z yay...sounds like an exciting episode!!! :D
IamKashish 2007-07-11T22:48:36Z Thanks a lot now I waiting for sandeep to come :-)
buttercup 2007-07-11T22:09:34Z abhijeet is better than atleast lookin frward fr it hehe
Ambrosia 2007-07-11T22:03:28Z wonder wherz our second Indian idol Sandeep.
Thanks for the awesome article
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