Ronit Roy's similarity between the silver screen and the small screen in Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar!

Viewers to see a lot of similarities between the film 2 States and the show Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar.

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar on Sony TV has been seeing a lot of drama off lately. The latest being the difficulties between Nishi and Jignesh's wedding that the viewers have been witnessing. Well, amid all of these dramas in the show, TellyBuzz has come across something that gives us a feeling of deja vu.

Our source informs us, "Jignesh's (Mehul Vyas) family is not ready to get their son married to Nishi (Rhea Sharma). Later, citing all the circumstances, Neil (Ronit Roy) goes up to Jignesh's parents to speak to them and make them understand that their kids love each other. It is about their kids being happy. Eventually, his parents give an approval for Jignesh and Nishi's wedding."

Well what caught our attention was the entire sequence in vis-a-vis what we have seen in the movie 2 States. In the movie also, Ronit Roy goes up to Alia Bhatt's parents to make them understand that the two love each other. So, we should not be an obstacle in their lives. Looks like the scene was co-incidentally replicated in the show.  

Hmm... a lot of similarities in Ronit's character - be it silver screen or the small screen, haina?

Upasana Patel

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Red_eyes 6 years ago Ronit Roy you are a great actor all the best
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meera19 6 years ago Ronit Roy performs each n every role with perfection, be it small screen or silver screen. I just love his powerful acting :-)
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Red_eyes 6 years ago Ronit Roy u were great in 2 states all the for IKNMP
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topnews 9 years ago The Piya Tu singer will make a comeback in Prasar Visions Jodi Breakers, a film which has Madhavan and Bipasha Basu in the lead and is directed by Ashwini Chaudhary.A calm and composed Helen says, I am the granny of the show.
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Laila2009 9 years ago "So far, I have not seen any films that are copied LINE BY LINE from Hollywood. So, I think you are making a baseless argument but I may be wrong bcus I haven't watched every single Bollywood movie ever made."

Mmm, that setence does make me wonder where you really stand - seems you're on both sides of the fence. Plagerism does not require a "line for line" copy and you don't have to watch every Bollywood film to know if they've been copies ;-). Actually Hollywood is well aware of the Bollywood film industry today and that it makes money of their ideas and fails to give them credit for their work. That is stealing.

I never said that Tamil films never copied Hollywood, I said that Hollywood never copied them.

It is good to hear you do not support the stealing of intellectual property and the way to stop it happens when Hollywood and the west continue to sue the behind of some of these talentless Bollywood people who have not got an original idea of their own. It will then force them to turn to people who can write and pave the way open for those with talent.
Here is a link of copies
http://www.bollywoodtrends.net/2009/04/bollywood-and-plagiarism-list-of.html2012-02-22 01:35:18
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Mohabbateinn 9 years ago @Laila- dear, my post was meant to mock our hindi film industry. I wasn't "defending" the copying of ideas. So far, I have not seen any films that are copied LINE BY LINE from Hollywood. So, I think you are making a baseless argument but I may be wrong bcus I haven't watched every single Bollywood movie ever made. Hollywood is not unaware of our Bollywood films, and if there was ever such a case in history where movie is copied line by line scene by scene..Hollywood's billion $$ industry will NOT let it slide.

Also, you mentioned that Tamil films aren't copied from Hollywood..well I just did a bit of research and a bunchhh of copied films came up ex. I am Sam became Deiva Thirumagal..and Tenali is a frame by frame copy of hollywood film, What About Bob. [b]

If Tamil producers are paying financial fees to hollywood writers, so are Bollywood producers. It may not be published in international papers, but it would be ignorant to assume they are not being paid.
On one hand you are saying you have not ever seen a Tamil film copied from Hollywood..then you are saying THEY GIVE CREDIT. This is contradicting.. lol
[b] I do not support the stealing of intellectual property.. but like I said in my earlier post, what factors in most is what the AUDIENCE WANTS TO SEE. The only way to bring this into notice would be to STOP watching bollywood films that are "highly inspired." A boycott is the cure.. but who is ACTUALLY willing to do this?
2012-02-21 21:38:31
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Laila2009 9 years ago Correction. While Hollywood does copy ideas from other films - Tamil we cannot say since I don't know of a single film that is copied - they DO give credit and pay the original writers a finanical fee for the idea. You can take ideas from other people but you must give credit where credit is due and pay the fee for their idea and not have the "attitude" to pass it of as your own work.
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MAANVEER3 9 years ago Hollywood gets their "inspiration" from other cultures and movies too. They take from tamil and korean movies all the time. So bollywood doing it is not a shock. no one gets credited for their original stories so I don't think its fair to point fingers at only bollywood. Just continue to watch movies you like and if you don't like it, well that is your own opinion. as for the creative teams we just gotta wait and see what they come up with in the future. They can't succeed without failing atleast a few times
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Laila2009 9 years ago Vanshika, You should be hired as a defense attorney for these producers, directors and writers who have blatantly stolen ideas from western writers and passed it off as their own. These people are not inspired by western films but take scene for scene, line for line. I can least you a dime a dozen movies that are such terrible attempts to copy that they insult the film twice over - first for stealing then for doing such a bad job of it. The fact that they have got away from it for so long is amazing. Now that western writers etc have got wind of what is happening and willing to sue, let us hope this paves the way for writers who are truly talented to get a break. <br/>
I am truly disappointed in Indian people for taking the easy way out - heck, production teams even steal even from Pakistan! If Pakistan, Bangladesh etc try to be original, then we need to buckle up and demand that our producers, directors and writers do a better job too!2012-02-21 18:23:49
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Mohabbateinn 9 years ago Literally speaking, if you can think about any topic..most likely there is already a film about it. Hindi films are always being "inspired" by South and English films.. so it comes as no surprise. However, keep in mind that the concept can be the same..but its vision and execution can be totally different. Intellectual property theft (idea) is a crime .. and 80% of the films in hindi cinema would be considered plagiarized. Directors have always been let go easily in the past..and this theft will continue to happen. However, the westernization in India is only due to the adoption of western culture..which comes from the west. So, it's no surprise when you guys watch similar movie content in bollywood..taken from hollywood. If bollywood doesn't take ideas from hollywood..we would be stuck in 21st century watching crappy saas bahu movies. But, yes I totally agree..its HIGH TIME these bollywood directors give due credit to hollywood for their "inspiration." When bollywood comes up with ORIGINAL ideas with movies like Dhobi Ghat and Aarkshan.. u people don't even buy its DVD..let alone watch it in theaters. If their ORIGINAL ideas aren't garnering $$$ than obviously bollywood will steal from hollywood..cus it seems like that is the only think Indian population wants to watch and accept.2012-02-21 12:44:18
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