Ronit Roy on the Hot Seat...

Ronit Roy answering his set of Rapis Fires...

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman

Favorite Holiday Spot: In India, it would have to be Goa and any place abroad

Favorite Snack: Protein Shake

Favorite Sport: Cricket

Favorite Team: Obviously, the Indian Cricket Team

Favorite Cartoon: Myself

Any 2 wishes: Happiness for my Family & A Peaceful World

Your Greatest Strength: My Family

Quality you like in Women: Simplicity

Newspaper you Read: I read 7 Newspapers a day

You’re most prized Possession: My family

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (19)

I'm dying to watch Will for another time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sooo exciting..

16 years ago

he must be freak i mean 7 newspapers per DAY

15 years ago

Favorite Cartoon: Myself Huh! Huh! Great guy! Love his acting! & a family man through & through! Kudos to you Ronit!

15 years ago

7 newspapers?! he's worse than my dad! nice survey!

15 years ago

Banda kaafi seedha lag raha hai

16 years ago

aww ronit is so sweet!! i love him adn everyone else in SN :D

16 years ago

he's all like family!!!! sownds sweet!!! well he is!!!lol

16 years ago

thats so sweet
especially the best trait ina women: simplicity
that is really sweet : )

16 years ago

haha his fav cartoon is hw cute is tht..

16 years ago

Wow... 7 newspapers a day... how does he have the time!?!

16 years ago

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