Vibhav Roy excited to return to Star Bharat with the riveting 'Shaitani Rasmein' and shedding light on his cha

Vibhav Roy is set to make a triumphant return to Star Bharat with the upcoming wedding fantasy thriller

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Vibhav Roy

Renowned actor Vibhav Roy is set to make a triumphant return to Star Bharat with the upcoming wedding fantasy thriller, 'Shaitani Rasmein.' Delving into the complexity of his character, Vibhav expresses his enthusiasm for portraying a role that breaks away from the conventional male television lead archetype.

Speaking about his character, Vibhav Roy remarked, "I am genuinely thrilled with the character that has come my way. It's not the typical good guy often seen in male television lead roles. He possesses intriguing shades of grey, making it a fascinating character to play and, hopefully, watch too. Under the guidance of our director and producer, Mr. Nikhil Sinha, the layering and nuances added to the character have made the creative process both stimulating and, fingers crossed, rewarding."

Discussing the reasons behind choosing this role, Vibhav shared, "There were several factors that drew me to this character. Firstly, the genre being a romantic thriller with a touch of the supernatural is novel and refreshing. The character is substantial and multi-dimensional, offering me a lot to explore and discover along the way."

The prospect of working with Mr. Nikhil Sinha was a decisive factor for Vibhav. "The opportunity to collaborate with Mr. Nikhil Sinha was a no-brainer. I've always had a wonderful equation with the Star family, and returning feels like coming back home," he added.

Describing the intricacies of his character's dilemma, Vibhav elaborated, "My character is torn between love and family. He realizes that both parties – my wife and family – have equally strong yet conflicting agendas, adding complexity and drama to his life. This is the juncture where the real fun begins for an artist, and hopefully, it translates into compelling entertainment for the audience."

'Shaitani Rasmein' promises to be a captivating journey, and Vibhav Roy's return to Star Bharat adds an extra layer of excitement for viewers. 

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