Romit Raj and Shilpa Shinde call off wedding..

Romit Raj and Shilpa Shinde who were to get married on November 29th in Goa have called off their wedding and parted ways...

Romit Raj and Shilpa Shinde who were all set to tie the knot on November 29th in the presence of family, friends, relatives and well wishers at Goa, have decided to part ways and have called off their marriage!! 

Romit and Shilpa's love story dates back to the Maayka days where they played a couple in the show. In September 2009, Romit Raj had confirmed his wedding date to Telly Buzz, and had expressed that he is looking forward to the D-day.

The duo even had a dress rehearsal of sorts for their real marriage, when they played a cameo role in close friend Rajan Shahi's show on COLORS, Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg.

A close friend of both says, "All was fine, and preparations were already on for the wedding. However, just two days prior to Karwa Chauth, things took a different turn. Shilpa felt that Romit could not be the adjusting husband, and that she would not get the space she requires after marriage. Shilpa ultimately discussed her problems with Romit, but things got worse when she felt that Romit insulted her family and did not give them any priority. All this resulted in Shilpa calling off the marriage".

When contacted, Shilpa Shinde confirmed the news and said, "Yes, it is true that I called off the wedding. Romit is a typical male, who always prioritizes his family. He lives in this joint family, and thinks about his brother, cousin brother, mother, father etc. But when it comes to my family and my parents, the same concern is not there. I have been brought up as an independent girl, and require my space to live my life. Somewhere down the line, I thought that even after all the sacrifices I had made for Romit and his family, there was no value for it and never did they appreciate it. Instead, they started demanding more from me. This made me think that there would come a day when I would lose my cool, and I might not accept whatever they say. Above all, Romit started insulting my family just because I asked him to be fair. It was then that I decided to talk to him, and end everything. But I was surprised when Romit just did not react when I said I did not want to marry him. He was completely fine with it, and asked me to move on. It was as though there was no love existing".

Shilpa goes on. "Romit's dad was like a friend to me. But from that day I called off the marriage to this date, I have not got a single call from Romit's family. This is simply shocking. All I can say is that instead of having a broken marriage, I am better off being single".

We called Romit Raj, who did not want to talk much about all that happened. "I just want to say that we have mutually called off the marriage. God bless Shilpa with all the happiness in the world".

We pray that both Romit and Shilpa get the courage to weather this storm, and turn a new leaf in their lives..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (34)

wow thank god they relise it b4 marriage unlike KSG n Sharaddha " shaadi karke paas ge yaar"!!

14 years ago

hey, things happen and we wr nt in their place so v cnt say anything abt them! smtms, only d ppl in a rltn cn feel and knw wats wrong and tht theres no future of a relation. besides whn we dnt knw Romit or his family personally,so we shld nt say anything personal abt Shilpa too. she mst also b very sad after a broken rltn. steps lke these r not easy! n she did sd right tht its btr to rmn single than to live wid a broken mrriage.

14 years ago

wow, what a joke...because you have joint family I can't marry you...get hold of yourself girl, I am an independent girl too, and I have a career which makes more than any day time series start..But, if I were to get married, I would not just accept the guy, but his family as well...Marriage is joining of two families and not just two people...Being independent, and being over your head is two different things.

14 years ago

i believe wateva hapens, hapens 4 d both u move on and good luck 4 future.......

14 years ago

plus they might have gotten cold feet jst before the wedding.

14 years ago

@ togepe30 >> yepp..she did had a fight & bad mouthed Neha Bamb jus like she's doing it wid romit....she's a ill-mannered women wid "0" intelligence....she always makes it a point dat her personal problems & its "causes" r known 2 d public :@ !!

a/w it's romit's good luck dat saved him frm her :)

14 years ago

Wow !! Thats dumb !!
Didnt she know earlier that he has a joint family !

And why tell the world and bad mouth a person ,whom you were all set to marry !
Gud to see that atleast the guy didnt give back the mud-slinging !!

She always fights with everyone is it? Didnt she even fight with Neha Bamb or sumthing?

14 years ago

All of a sudden right before the wedding having joint family is a problem for her?????? When she called off the wedding and went public with it...what was she expecting from Romit's mom and dad??? They will call her and beg her to marry their son???? She called off the wedding ..not him....And is true..........when there is no respect for each other's family member...ther no point of getting married.....when you marry a person in Inidan culture and just don't marry the actually, marry the whole family......if you can not handle that then it's better to back off.....

i agree with you.didnt she figure out this problem before. neways best of luck to them both.

14 years ago

im cant stop my crying.. my best couple... oooooooooo God
dont know wht to say

14 years ago

Good that she broke it off before the marriage...good for both of them...

14 years ago

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