Rohitashv Gour on playing Tiwariji and the motivation to do it even after all these years

Rohitashv Gour on playing Tiwariji in the show Bhabhiji Ghar par Hain: The motivation lies in discovering what every new story unfolds each day.

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Rohitashv Gour

While many may feel that it can get monotonous to play the same role in a daily soap, actor Rohitashv Gour says that he still feels motivated to essay the role of Tiwariji in Sanjay and Binaiferr Kohli’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai after so many years. He says that this is because the storyline allows him to explore something new everyday.

“My daily source of motivation is the excitement to go and perform interesting scenes. The best thing about Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai is that we get to do comedy scenes every day and explore new stories. The motivation lies in discovering what every new story unfolds each day and what we get to do today,” he says.

Talking about how much he relates to his role, he says, “I can completely relate to my character in my show. I've done quite a few comedy shows in the past, and during my time at the National School of Drama, I was involved in many comedy plays featuring characters like these. So, I feel very comfortable doing comedy scenes, especially with characters like this, as they are quite prevalent around us. Characters of this sort from the UP side, with a hearty and genuine vibe, resonate with me a lot, and I share a strong affinity with such roles.”

Comedy is a serious business, he says, adding, “Comedy is indeed a serious business; if you don't approach it seriously, it can become quite challenging because making people laugh is no easy task. The best part of working with producers Sanjay and Binaiferr Kohli is that their interference is minimal. This allows the director and actors to work openly and deliver their best. The channel also plays a significant role in this; they've given a lot of freedom, evident not just in our show but also in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, ensuring things are improved and made better according to one's preferences, without imposing unnecessary constraints, which is the best thing.”

Ask which has been his best scene or sequence in the show, and he says, “Recently, I played the role of a disciple of a wrestler, Bhulwa Phelwaan, in a sequence where we were shooting an ad for Vibhuti Ji's dry fruits business at the wrestling arena. The scene turned out to be the best one for me so far, and it has been well-received since it was recently broadcast.”

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