Rohit Roy's 'Rang' now on Zee...

Rohit and Mansi Joshi Roy's Rang - The Colors of Love which was to launch on Zee Next will now be seen in Zee...

Rohit Roy and Mansi Joshi Roy’s maiden fiction presentation, Rang – The Colors of Love which was likely to be launched on Zee Next might finally see the light of the day, on Zee TV instead of Zee Next.

According to lead actor, Shaleen Bhanot, this tri-weekly will air on the weekend slot on the flag ship channel of the Zee network. He refused to confirm the timing saying, “It's too early to talk about that. A meeting will soon be held in which you will get all details”. He is quite gung-ho about his US returned Gujrathi character, who will be wooed by three girls, Chavi Mithal, Karishma Randhawa and Manasvi. “You have had many triangle love affairs, welcome to the pentangle scene”, he grins.

Asked to comment on the delay, he says, “Everything happens for the good”. When asked whether problems with Zee Next had caused the delay, he diplomatically says, “I am not the right person to comment on this!!” However, if the buzz is to be believed, Zee Next is shutting down due to distribution issues and a call will soon be taken on the shows that might get a shift to Zee TV.

Shaleen Bhanot will be seen as celebrity guest for his Kulvadhu co-star Daljeet Kaur in Sahara One’s Saas V/s Bahu. Ask him about the report that he has been replaced in Naaginn where he plays a double role, and the actor is quick to say, “No, that’s false. The only reason why I am not around is that the story is focusing on earth and I am at the Naag lok. I will be back soon”.

As regards to his negative portrayal as Madan in Sangam, he says he has no idea when his track will be back. “It’s been a long time since I have shot for the Star Plus show. This is television where one can die and still come back, so the creative will have no dearth of ideas”, he ends.

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thats to good
salman is very helpful love him 4 that

15 years ago

omg thats sooooo sweet of him! i hate how everyone hates him and says he's a drunk and criminal! does it look like that in any way here??

15 years ago

well i knw how much gud n sweet salman bhai is ,bhai always supports everyone,n now that stupid raj thackery is making problems for him,im really worried for him but im sure everythign will be ok very soon.coz i dnt want to have war between indian .

15 years ago

omg i must say Salman ji is very nice and sweet
bless him and bless the children
May Allah Karim bless them with a long healthy life


15 years ago

cant wait .......... Kanishq is just tooooooo hot n sexy ........... i luv him sooooo much!!!!! thanx

15 years ago

Thanks! =)
Can't wait to watch Rang on Zee!!!

15 years ago

im glad to see him in finally in a positive character

15 years ago

Thanks... glad i get to watch the new show on Zee!!!

15 years ago

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