Shalin Bhanot Says Mental Health Can Not Be Mocked On National Television

Shalin was invited to support his colleague from Bekaboo and friend Abhishek.

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Shalin Banot

Last season’s winner McStan and the adorable Abdu have been the only two contestants we’ve seen making appearances on Season 17 this year.  As this season is about to come to a closure, Shalin Bhanot is said to have entered the house.  By far one of the most talked about contestants of last season, Shalin’s continued to make headlines this year as well as many fans have compared Abhishek to Shalin and even said that Abhishek has been following Shalin’s footsteps in the game. In this Saturaday’s episode actors have been called in to support the top 5 contestants and hence Shalin was invited to support his colleague from Bekaboo and friend Abhishek. Call

Our source informs us, ‘Shalin told Abhishek that he wouldn’t have come on the show but it was the need of the hour.  Having seen Abhishek mocked and pocked about his mental health constantly had Shalin extremely upset as the actor said that mental health cannot be mocked on national television. 

Shalin spoke about his own season when he too saw ups and downs but said it’s the worst when in a relationship one’s vulnerabilities are used this way and made fun of.’

Karan Kundra, Sandiip Sikcand, Amruta Khanvilkar were some of the other supporters seen entering the house for this episode to be aired this weekend.

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