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Rocky Jaiswal REACTS to Hina Khan's apparent 'call girl' statement!

To know what Hina's boyfriend has to say in her defence, read on...


Hina Khan was yet again all over the media yesterday for her calling Shilpa Shinde a 'call girl'. This comment of Hina's created quite the furore on Twitter, with Shilpa Shinde's fans lashing out at Hina and the latter's defending Hina.


We spoke to Hina's boyfriend, Rocky Jaiswal and here's what he said about the entire 'call girl' fiasco.

Said Rocky, "Firstly, How do you know that Hina said the words 'call girl'? Do you have the audio proof of Hina saying those words? It was a lip movement and the video's audio was muted. Some fan, who is another contestant's fan, posted the video and blew the entire thing out of proportion. So that was very bizzare from the fan's point of view... Only because it is tarnishing their celebrity's name in an attempt to tarnish somebody else's name. "

He went on to add, "Secondly, a lot of alternatives have come up as to how Hina said 'chawl girl' and 'naukar', which I think probably Hina must have said, because the conversation was about how she spoke to Shilpa near the washroom. People should use their brains and understand that Vikas was there at the table during this conversation. He is somebody who has never attempted or encouraged such statements. Arshi was standing there and if Hina had indeed called Shilpa a 'call girl', do you really think Arshi would have kept quiet and not reacted? Arshi did not even keep quiet when Hina used to say good things about Shilpa."

He concluded by saying, "Aap yeh socho ki aap ultimately kissi naa kissi aurat ko badnaam kar rahe ho. Aur iss attempt mein toh dono ke baare mein bura bola gaya hai. So, I think it is very disappointing from anybody's point of view."

Well, Rocky does have a strong point here.

What's your take on the same? Leave in your comments below..
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ahilajkula 2018-01-13T01:45:29Z Vikas is the winner!He is the best!

shoma.ah 2018-01-12T23:47:38Z My comment isn't for defending Hina, if calling Akash ramu kaka wasn't wrong then why your feelings getting shattered for shilpa. Most important ...we need to change our thoughts or views about " domestic helpers " the day we'll treat them as a respected human being only then we should feel proud of ourselves... I call my house keepers my life savers ... god bless Luisa and Mary...
CreativeByBirth 2018-01-12T21:32:07Z Bahar ake hina will defo make him her PR ...and yes it is a profession... sare kam dham ek side or PR banna ek side...
Ashiqana 2018-01-12T14:27:28Z Well if it was actually naukar or chawl girl Bigboss would not have muted the audio,kitni baar humne bina mute ke naukar word suna hai
TwilightStar_JP 2018-01-12T11:42:48Z Naukar is a profession, probably even more respectful than the ones in big boss.

On another note, I doubt why would a channel mute a word as mundane as you claim to let it be.

Either ways the channel is running high on TRP. And our cannot be saved crowd sit and watch this crap.
Preetieee 2018-01-12T11:25:23Z Rocky n uska vikas ke liye pyaar uff.sirf 2 meeting me itne kaise close hogaye ye dono
phadukaran 2018-01-12T09:13:23Z So puneesh sharma could call Akash Ramu Kaka, where shilpa was standing and entertaining what was being said. Isn't it sad that whatever Shilpa and her fans are crying about, their own celebrity has been part of that.
BangBang_Shilpa 2018-01-12T07:06:20Z Rocky ,
I pity you.

You have to defend world's most disgusting gf.
Always_His_Jaan 2018-01-12T05:10:42Z So what exactly is wrong with chawl girl that Hina had to use that word. I think people are more disgusted with the way she was saying, she looked so nasty while saying it. Did you see her facial expressions???
Aashlok-cious 2018-01-12T03:08:12Z People who will say that calling her naukar and chawl girl is still disrespecting her. Well is calling a woman vamp, commenting on her face or threatening a woman on national television to remember her name for the rest of her life, bad things will come her way isn't disrespecting a woman2018-01-12 03:09:03
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