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Yeh style, Yeh music, Yeh world humara hain! Starting Friday, September 19, 2008 at 9:00 pm Only on Sony Entertainment Television...

After creating ripples in the Indian television industry with its successful run of three seasons, Indian Idol the hugely popular adaptation of the blockbuster ‘Pop Idol’ format is back with its fourth season. The first episode of Indian Idol 4 hits the tube on Friday, September 19, 2008 at 9.00 pm exclusively on Sony Entertainment Television. The fourth season of this iconic show, promises to bring alive the wave of enthusiasm among the youth and once again create a record in the history of television viewership. 

Indian Idol provides a platform for the young Indians who dare to dream, has the ability to chase them and bring them to life. From being a path breaking show on Indian television in Season 1 to creating youth icons and a band in the last season, Indian Idol has touched the zenith of reality television. 

The show format of Indian Idol does not limit itself to scanning only singing talent but also looks out for an overall ‘performer’. The show intends to give the youth of today their ‘own icon’; an individual who in addition to being a talented singer is also someone the youth can relate to… be it attitude, style, desire to win and fight for the ultimate stardom. The show combines drama and reality with music, humour, thrill and glamour making it undoubtedly the ultimate ‘made for television’ show. The last three seasons of the show experienced a collage of emotions, raising levels of viewer frenzy and excitement coupled with the contestants’ tears and joys, heartbreak and jubilation, learnings and achievements. 

While the show will continue to enthrall the viewers across the country, it will also address the aspirations of “Young India” this season. It is all about friendship, desire to stand out, spontaneity, personality, confidence, giving back to the society and more importantly ‘a need to belong’ these are captured in the line ‘Yeh Style, Yeh Music, Yeh World Humara Hai’ 

Indian Idol 4 brings back to the viewers the loveable twosome from the last season - Deepali and Chang, who stole million hearts during their tryst with the coveted title! This dynamic duo returns to the stage as the charming new hosts for the audition phase. The first phase of audition episodes will showcase the emotions and eccentricities of contestants as they come to try their luck and embrace their dreams momentarily… from singing to melodrama… the show unplugs the spirit and the emotional saga of the youth of the nation. 

This season also introduces two new jury members – the stunning and gorgeous Sonali Bendre and the well renowned Sufi singer Kailash Kher who will join music director Annu Malek and lyricist-poet Javed Akhtar to complete the panel of jury. Television’s heart-throb and guardian angel of the contestants, Hussain Kuwajerwala is back with his second innings to host Indian Idol 4.

So Rock on with Indian Idol 4 from September 19th Every Friday and Saturday at 9PM...

Pictures: Supriyo Das

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Hussain Kuwajerwala

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Kailash Kher

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Sonali Bendre

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Javed Akhtar

Comments (17)

wowww!!!! Hussain is hosting the show again...wooo!!...I will def watch it now....and Sonali as a jury sounds good...really looking forward to II4 sure it is gonna be awesomeee...esp with Hussain in it!!

15 years ago

Thanks... but where's Mini?!?! There can't be indian idol without her!

15 years ago

yay!!!!!!!!!! hussein is hosting the season
so glad to know that
will def watch the show

15 years ago

OMG Hussien is back..cant wait..I wish Mini was back as well

cant wait for II4

15 years ago

Woww this is grt news...that Hussain is hosting Indian Idol ...there was speculations regarding who will b hosting the main show..thank god its cleared now...also the judges look quite interesting but not sure whether Sonali is a suitable judge or not..anyways ..lets wait and watch...

15 years ago

hussain will host d show omggggggggggg

15 years ago

Guardian Angel of the contestants... Awwww that is damn cute... Glad to know that Hussain will be hosting my fave reality show :-) cant wait for this season... but ya Mini will surely be missed... i hope she joins him in the later stages of the show.

15 years ago

Yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….hussain hosting….looking forward to it..:D

15 years ago

Mini isnt there but y?tHEN WHO IS ALONG WITH HUSSAIN?Anyways waiting 4I coz 1 & 3was awesome..Abhijeet sawant n Parleen gill was my fav,,

15 years ago

yess hussain is back again...will miss mini though.

15 years ago

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