Roadies Real Heroes: Neha Dhupia Targets Sandeep Singh & Raftaar, Rannvijay Plays Peace Broker!

Things are looking intense in Roadies...


With every new episode of Roadies Real Heroes, the viewers are in for a dramatic surprise. As the contestants gear up with their new gang and their journey to a new destination, Rannvijay Singha starts the morning with a vote out where contestants have to nominate each Roadie from a gang. Amidst the blame game between Sahiba and Tara, Neha Dhupia targets gang leaders Sandeep & Raftaar for their growing alliance, leading to a heated argument between the three. 

Between the vote outs, Neha Dhupia gets emotional seeing Milind using his badge to save himself from the eviction. Rannvijay comes to the rescue and throws his trump card. The three nominated contestants have to fight for their survival amongst each other. This time the gangs will move to Madikeri from Wayenad, where the next task for the nominated contestants will be performed. It will also give the nominated contestants a chance to get their immunity.

Rannvijay then announces the task called – Gayi Maths Pani Mein. The nominated contestants have to choose one member from their team to help them perform the task, where the contestants have to get the three boxes floating in the water with the help of a local round boat ‘Puttu’. Every box has iron pipes with numbers written on them. The contestants have to get the boxes on the shore and arrange the digits and solve the equation on the tower. Whoever manages to complete the task first wins the immunity and makes their way back on the show.

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Neha Dhupia

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