Review: 'Tejas' offers exhilarating aerial sequences but makes a bumpy landing with the execution

While 'Tejas' offers exhilarating aerial combat sequences and a compelling portrayal of the Air Force, it encounters turbulence when it comes to the overall packaging and execution of the narrative.

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Tejas Review

Kangana Ranaut has faced a series of challenges with her recent films. However, she's now set to return to the big screen, taking on the role of an Air Force pilot in Sarvesh Mewara's upcoming movie 'Tejas.' The film promises to deliver a blend of aerial action, patriotism, thrills, and drama, as indicated by the trailer. It remains to be seen whether 'Tejas' will serve as a game-changer for Kangana, propelling her acting career back into the spotlight, or if it, too, will face a turbulent landing.

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 Plot and Treatment

Tejas (Kangana Ranaut) is not just an Air Force pilot; she's a brilliant student and a fearless soldier, driven by unwavering determination to defend her country against its adversaries. The film's central narrative revolves around her significant mission to rescue an Indian soldier from the clutches of terrorists, offering a glimpse into her life both within the academy and beyond.

The first half of the film, however, presents a bit of a rough journey for the audience. It introduces fragmented timelines, weaving in and out of Tejas' past and present, resulting in a somewhat disjointed narrative. The abrupt transition to an aircraft scene is followed by a leap into Tejas' love story, a concert, and a series of songs, creating a sense of disarray in the storytelling.

 Ariel Visuals and Aif Force Jargons

Notably, the film deserves commendation for its impeccable execution of the aerial sequences and the fighter plane scenes and combat sequences. The second half of the movie, primarily centered on the air rescue mission, is enthralling and provides a compelling cinematic experience. The depiction of the Air Force academy and the intricate planning involved is skillfully portrayed, enriched by the use of authentic aircraft terminology. This attention to detail lends the narrative the essential authenticity it requires.

 BGM and Music

The film's background music occasionally tends to be a bit excessive, but it effectively resonates with the narrative, successfully evoking the sense of patriotic fervor during pivotal moments in the plot. The music, composed by Shashwat Sachdev, is generally decent. Some of the songs feature profound lyrics crafted by Kumaar, Folk-Lore, and Shashwat Sachdev. Notably, the song 'Dil Hai Ranjhana' stands out with its energy and recall value, surpassing the other tracks on the album.

The Performances

When it comes to performances, Kangana Ranaut's portrayal of her college days exhibits a somewhat robotic quality, at times resembling an AI-like persona in her delivery. However, as the narrative transitions to the present day, her character evolves into a more fierce, resilient, and powerful persona, which she adeptly conveys. Kangana excels in the action sequences and presents a striking and polished appearance in her uniform.

Other cast members, such as Anshul Chauhan, Varun Mitra, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Vishak Nair, deliver competent performances that align with the requirements of the script.

 Loud Clear and Preachy Patriotism

A crucial balance to strike in films of this nature is between instilling a sense of patriotism without veering into jingoism. However, towards the end, there's a noticeable shift towards a more didactic tone, and the inclusion of 'Jai Shree Ram' chants in a particular scene amplifies this message, making it a bit too pronounced.

The film incorporates specific communal elements that, at times, lend it a cliched and propaganda-like quality, which could have been handled with more subtlety, especially in the writing. While some dialogues are effective and resonant, others tend to disappoint by coming across as overly emphatic and preachy in their approach to patriotism.

The Verdict

While 'Tejas' offers exhilarating aerial combat sequences and a compelling portrayal of the Air Force, it encounters turbulence when it comes to the overall packaging and execution of the narrative.


*** (3/5) stars

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