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Review: 'Sirf Tum' seems just another addition to standard tropes of a predictable 'love story'

There is a scene where the mother, Suhani and her brother literally switch to doing household chores when they realise their father is arriving home which will immediately make you think of an identical scene in the film, Iqbal.

Published: Monday,Nov 15, 2021 15:52 PM GMT-07:00
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Sirf Tum

Sirf Tum

Colors currently doesn't have an out-and-out TRP topper except for Udaariyaan. The channel, once a leader with multiple shows in the list now only relies on Udaariyaan while other shows perform ranging from mediocre to decent.

In an ode to change that, the channel launched its new big-ticket show in the form of Sirf Tum that stars popular TV actors Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh in lead roles. Having seen the first episode, here's what I thought about it-

The Plot

Eisha Singh

Eisha Singh

Set in a small city, the show begins with the Sharma family who is as patriarchal as anyone can imagine. The entire family fears their patriarch father and his old-fashioned mother and do things according to his liking and his rules. And a part of this family is Suhani (Eisha Singh), a kind-hearted, innocent, scared but intelligent young girl who has big dreams and aspirations but is so scared to do anything owing to her upbringing.

Her mother Sudha is the only person who understands her and helps her on her path to achieve the dream of becoming a doctor. As they sneak in to go to one of the best medical colleges around where Suhani is setting up to get admission, we meet Ranveer (Vivian Dsena), a college heartthrob who is seemingly brash and while popular also someone who runs the show and everyone fears him. The episode ends in typical style of Suhani and Ranveer crossing paths in an accidental collision.

The Good

Vivian Dsena

Vivian Dsena

One of the rare good things in this first episode has to be how Dsena looks. In essence, Dsena is still a young man but is still 33 years old while here he is playing a college student. He definitely looks the part and even though he had nothing to say in the first episode, being as good as he is, he made an instant impact.

Eisha Singh is also very young with her age but her experience of working on multiple TV shows is evident here. Playing the character she does, the easiest thing to do - is overdo it. Crying loudly, being overly dramatic with her character might have been the most common mistake to commit but Singh makes sure she doesn't do that. She only performs them with the needed amount of drama which is refreshing.

The Not-So-Good

There are more things to dislike than like about the first episode of the show. Nothing about this first episode seemed fresh. Almost every scene looked like a rehashed and re-worked version of any stereotypical film/show with basic love stories you have seen. There is a scene where the mother, Suhani and her brother literally switch to doing household chores when they realise their father is arriving home which will immediately make you think of an identical scene in the film, Iqbal. Apart from that, the standard trope of an accidental collision of the leads just made it worse because that is when the episode ended.

A lot has been said about a mega twist coming in the show as it progresses and I do hope it does. Because, there couldn't have been a more underwhelming first episode of a big-ticket show. Formulaic, basic, unoriginal and stereotypical - these are the only words I can describe with.

The Verdict

Vivian and Eisha

Vivian and Eisha

For now, purely based on this first episode, Sirf Tum looks like just another addition to standard tropes of a predictable 'love story.' A big twist or a big change in proceedings is what can be a saving grace and I give the show that benefit of doubt. The ardent fans of the actors will still watch it but it is for sure that the show does need something big to actually make a mark.

Rating - ** (2/5)

Vivian Dsena Eisha Singh Sirf Tum  Colors 

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Anuprerna_fan @Anuprerna_fan 1 years ago Let me say @Dinado I was talking of vivian fans on insta ,not you... if iam wrong you can check it on insta...and I myself defended vivian even being others fans...so dont blast over me, because main bina saboot ke yahaan limelight lene toh nahi aayi thi...bas maine apna dukh zahir kiya tha , ki aap chahe kisiki bhi fan ho aap kisiko galat baatein nahi keh sakte ...isse dusre fans bhi hurt hote hai naa...agar aapko lagta hai ki bashing of other actor is right , then OK...
Go with it!!!
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preety @ChulbuliRao 1 years ago Those who WROTE it off after watching only one episode... I think it has fetched 1.7 TRP already..kudos to the hard work of the entire team. Esp.. NON STAR PLUS TEAM
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fatssrilanka @fatssrilanka 1 years ago What's new about this show? It's old wine in a new bottle. The story can be figured out from the promo itself. A toxic male and an innocent female. And, anyway, who's going to leave Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin for this toxic show? And, I don't think any Barrister Babu fan would want to watch it's replacement show.
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Anuprerna_fan @Anuprerna_fan 1 years ago Just 7 months ago , when cezanne khan was replaced in place of vivian dsena ,then some vivian fans bashed cezanne sir with ugly names ...so now not these fans are
not liking it now, after vivian toh aa gaya naa...main janti hoon aise shows hi trp jitenge ..dont worry sirf tum will rule the charts with typical twists and turns...but shaming an seasoned actor for vivian was heart wrenching to me as a fan...

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Saru @jodh57 1 years ago Toxic shows in today's time? 🙄
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Kinu @kinu17 1 years ago Who wants to watch this crap show?👎👎
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preety @ChulbuliRao 1 years ago Star plus bought media..first episode and they write off a colours show .. this show will pick up...it has all the popular masala ... at least I am gonna love it..
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Male Komolika @Nutkhut-Baalak 1 years ago Boring show. I did not even bother to give it a try. Besides who on earth would want to watch this when GHKPM is airing at the same slot? Hehe 😜
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Rimjhim Ghosh @Rimu_coldfire 1 years ago Where did the author of this article get Chattopadhyay family? Please re-watch the episode it's the Sharma family and not Chattopadhyay.
IF and it's mediocre journalism with no proofreading.
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Burns n Trolls @shahsb_26 1 years ago Lol... Had the lead been some fierce woman like Pallavi, Anokhi or Tejo, the show would have been fun to watch....

Damsel in Distress wale heroine se I am bored...
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