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Review: Shah Rukh Khan Like You've Never Known Before on 'My Next Guest..' With David Letterman

Shot last year and promoted ever since, David Letterman’s Netflix show, My Guest Needs No Introduction was already one of the best shows to watch but the reason for doing so elevated when it was confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan will be coming in.


Seldom has it been happening lately when something that is awaited for immensely has lived up to the hype and sheer joy but that is where we have one exception, and a deserving one.
Shot last year and promoted ever since, David Letterman’s Netflix show, My Guest Needs No Introduction was already one of the best shows to watch but the reason for doing so elevated when it was confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan will be coming in.

What instantly made this even more special was how it is not a part of the actual season of the show but a one-off special. With the episode finally released today, here are the highlights from the same-

Shah Rukh Khan’s Insurmountable Wit

Enough has been written about the superstar’s undeniable wit but I feel there cannot be enough ever! When you are up against a witty, talented and legendary host like Letterman himself, you have got to be on your toes and Khan, as usual, seamlessly does that. Be it his impeccably funny one-liners, quote-worthy sentences or sheer articulation of way to express, Khan was his intelligent best as always. There’s a line he says which could go on a T-shirt right away- “There’s a lot of things I realized I can’t be, so I became an actor.” Bam!

Courtesy : Netflix

The Family Man – Shah Rukh Khan

Of course, none of us are aliens to not know by now that Khan is a dedicated family man. However, what this episode highlighted all the more is the way how he actually does it. There is one thing of just saying it and actually witnessing him do it is another. From his reasons of being with his kids as much as possible to recently learning how to cook only for the joy of cooking for his kids, this little peek into the actor’s world is a sheer treat.

Courtesy : Netflix

Having a Different Approach To Losing Someone Dear

Had it been portrayed with even a single iota of difference, it could have been misunderstood by many out there rather easily. When Khan is talking about dealing with father and mother’s untimely deaths, he talked about how he dealt with it. The actor said, “I sometimes, wonder, was it better to have lost them young and then get over it and lead a life or would it be that you know, I’m 53 now, to have been with them till now, and then lose them? So, I have a very positive way to look at it.” To this, Letterman agreed and offered his anecdote of losing his mother at the age of 93.

Courtesy : Times of India

On Gauri Khan and Vice-Versa

Thanks to earlier instances of Anupama Chopra’s book on Khan and a few other videos, the story about how Khan came all the way to Mumbai from Delhi to pursue his then-love-of-his-life, Gauri is known to all. Letterman expresses his surprise upon hearing the story but as he sat for dinner with the Khan couple, it was Gauri who also came across as an absolute delight. From sharing about their initial days of the love story to hiding it from their parents and most importantly her thoughts on raising their children, Gauri was the best cameo we could have asked for.

Courtesy : Netflix

Prithvi Shaw’s Unexpected Cameo

And as we talk about cameos, cricketer Prithvi Shaw makes a surprising appearance in the episode when Letterman is seen exploring the game of cricket in Mumbai and Shaw is with him having a good time. Also, if you’re thinking did Shaw have anything to do with Khan’s life or anything? No. His appearance was only about Letterman’s visit to India.

Courtesy : Netflix

On His Philanthropic Efforts

A popular celebrity talking about their philanthropic effort on a public platform doesn’t quite come across as novel or a highlight. But this one was. When Khan was asked about it, he explained how he has this sheer respect and gratitude towards women as he has been raised by them, is living with them and has worked with them – only learning a lot. So, this has led him to begin an organization working toward the victims of acid attack on women and how apart from helping them out in financial ways, he also talked about having stricter laws for the same.

And of course, Donald Trump

I was only wondering if Mr. Trump will arise in the conversation between the two and guess what it did. With Letterman’s sly dig at Trump with his question on him to Khan, it was Khan’s response that won me and probably many over. Khan mentioned how all Indians looked up to America as a place to be, a developed country, a superior one; now that Trump is the President of the country, we are okay with it and maybe those guys deserve it! (A line that drew instant laughs and applause).

Courtesy : CNBC

All the above mentioned things are, of course, only highlights where the one hour episode has so much more to offer. You may or may not be a fan of Shah Rukh Khan – the actor; but there are a million reasons to admire Shah Rukh Khan – the man.

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