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REVIEW: 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?' is fresh & captivating but has some GLITCHES!

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'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?', the latest presentation from Star Plus, has been creating tremendous buzz ever since its inception. And now, with one week into the show, we take our shot at deciphering how well has the show fared, for a new season with a new pair.

Have a read at our analysis of all that the show is about.

The Story:

The first episode starts with Advay's (Barun Sobti) hero-like entry, following which he jumps into the pool to save a puppy. Cut to, he walks out and talks about how he no longer has any space for love in his life, post the traumatic childhood that he has endured. He also talks about the very purpose of him being there (in Allahabad) and that is to take his revenge from Chandni (Shivani Tomar). Advay makes his hatred for Chandni obvious by saying - "Welcome to hell Chandni."

The scene shifts to a temple setting which enables the entry of Indrani (Ritu Shivpuri), an enigmatic woman, who reveals that if the doors of the temple (which open every 16 years) do not open today, the family's reputation will be tainted. Meanwhile, Chandni, who has to make an appearance at theShivmandirto enable the door-opening post themahaaarti(a ritual that only the eldest child of the family can do).However, shehas not set foot outside her house in a year due to an incident in her past. Chandni was kidnapped and tortured for 3 days due to which, her image in Allahabad is now tainted.

But just to protect her father's (Mahant) image, Chandni reaches the temple. However, tragedy strikes with the Lord Shiva's idol falling down. And of course, none other than, Advay comes to the rescue and soon enough, a person named Miku, too joins in and saves the statue from falling down.

Advay sees Chandni at the temple and 'HATE' is written all over his face. Advay reminisces how Chandni's statement of Advay's mother flying in the air, got his mother killed. He thinks about how he will he get his payback from Chandni.

One of Chandni's family members objects to kinnars coming to offer their prayers at the temple. And when the kinnars are about to curse Chandni's family, she begs them not to and explains how the transgender community too, has all the rights to enter and offer their prayers at the temple as they are a perfect combination of powers from both Shivji and Parvati (Ardhanareshwar).

Indrani feels obligated to Advay, for saving the idol from falling and thanks him for the same. To this, Advay tells her that he did not help out the family, but did it for himself. What follows is a warning in a cryptic manner that 'baat ruki hai, khatam nahi hui hai'.

On the other hand, as Chandni sits for her shuddhikaran (purification) pooja, she reminisces her childhood friend Dev and herself. Advay too is seen remembering certain events of his childhood and makes a promise to himself that he will uncover the real Chandni, who has been hidden behind the garb of fear and tears.

In the next episode, it is revealed that the duo (Advay and Miku), who saved the Lord Shiva idol from falling, are actually estranged brothers. And Advay figures this out when he hears Miku hum a whistle that his father had taught him, but fails to spot Miku. He then decides to find his lost brother at any cost.

Advay and Miku meet, where Miku irritates Advay and tells him about 'bro code' and friendship. This episode also marks Advay and Chandni's first meeting. That is when Advay tells Chandni that whenever he thinks that he has figured her out, she changes herself. And when Chandni asks him how does he know her; he asks her to address him as 'aap'. That is when Chandni is reminded of Dev and how he would tell her to address him as 'aap'.

Indrani gets a message in a box from someone who claims to know that he/she knows what they did 16 years ago. And just when the audience starts to think that it is Advay who has sent that message, turns out, it is not. Advay himself wonders what has gotten the Vashisht family (Indrani and Chandni) in such trouble and decides to find out.

It's evening and Chandni is being escorted home, when someone attacks the guards protecting her. Seeing Chandni alone, Advay burns her dupatta and quietly watches Chandni suffer a little and then comes to her rescue when she takes off her burning dupatta. Again, he intimidates Chandni and then gives her his coat to cover herself up. Having Advay in such close proximity, reminds Chandni of her kidnapping and torture after which she faints. Advay then carries her to a bench and THEN, it is revealed that Advay is Dev and he remembers how Chandni lied and rattled out Dev and his mother to the villagers. He, yet again makes a promise to Chandni that he will take everything back from her. At the Vashisht house, Indrani, Kajal (looks like a spin off character to the first season's 'Hello Hiee Byee Byee' Bua) and Shakun think to find out whoever has sent the letter to them.

Indrani gets a call and the trio to go and get Chandni and upon reaching her, Chandni tells about someone who rescued her and gave her his jacket. Meanwhile, Chandni's sisters, Meghna and Shikha are back and the sisters have a good time together and have this 'shat pratishat vashisht' war cry. While the sisters are cooking, Shilpa's (Juhi Aslam) phone rings and it is Advay (WHAAT??) who is calling her. And when Shilpa is not able to answer Advay's phone, he decides to go to Chandni's house and is plagued by memories from his childhood there. He narrates a more clear picture of what transpired on that day 16 years ago that led to the destruction of Advay (Dev) and his entire family. Shilpa spots Advay and asks her where is Indrani and her sisters (Shakun and Kajal). And Advay finally gets to see the letter that Indrani got and manages to click a picture of the same.

And just while Advay is leaving from Chandni's house, she collides with him and falls in his arms. Being the Advay we know by bow, he intimidates her even more this time and leaves.

Hearing about her family's dwindling finances, Chandni decides to sell off her jewellery and heads to the purani galli, where Advay follows her. Advay takes away the money and asks Chandni to meet her on the terrace of her house or else, he would not return her bag. When Chandni agrees, Advay walks away from her. Indrani gets to know of Chandni's doing and they share an emotional moment.

How their lives entwine further, will sure turn out to be a worthy watch!

Ratings: ***1/2 (3.5/5)

The Good:

Apart from the revamped 'Rabba Ve' title track, the makers have revamped and added the background score of the first season to this season as well and the fans would totally love it. Also, the grandeur of the show is what makes it an alluring watch.
The makers have managed to keep the mystery angle intact throughout the first week, which is commendable on their part.

Next, we like how there is an amount of uncertainty at the end of every episode and yet, it does not come across as vague.

Ratings: ****(4/5)

The Bad:

What we don't really like is how the base plot of the show remains the same - an innocent girl, a vengeful boy and their story. What we need here is a new angle or rather a building mystery that wrongs up completely.
Of all the things, we do really think that though just one bad thing, this is what might cost the show all of its viewership.

Ratings: ** (2/5)

The Performances:

The fresh pairing of Barun Sobti aka Advay and Shivani Tomar aka Chandni was the talk of the town before the show went on-air. We would to like to mark that the jodi seems to be fairing decently well and While we obviously don't see and cannot even expect to see what we saw between Barun and Sanaya Irani in the first season; with passing time, Barun and Shivani as a pair may fare better and their chemistry may be a treat.

Talking about their individual performances, Barun as Advay is an absolute delight and Shivani as Chandni does justice to the character presented.

Talking about the supporting cast of the show, they have all managed to pull it off decently well, where Ritu Shivpuri is doing it just about right and we think that she'll only become a better watch with time.

Ratings: **** (4/5)


With 5 episodes into the show, like every fan of the first season we certainly had a lot of expectations from the show and it manages to give us mixed emotions. While we don't have a doubt on Barun and Ritu helming the show on their shoulders, what we are keen on watching is how Shivani takes it further.

Ratings: ***1/2(3.5/5)

What do you have to say about the show? Leave your comments below.


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Samira66 2 years ago .BARUN SOBTI is an actor with a unique talent, a man with amazing eyes .BARUN SOBTI is an actor with a unique talent, a man with amazing eyes and a man with a pure heart.
Samanta2857 3 years ago The great couple Advni
Hot chemistry between barun Sobti and Shivani Tomar
Love you guys, keep shining
ekta.eku 3 years ago Can't wait to see how story process.
Barun Sobti & Shivani all the best.
suadvani 3 years ago The acting/sets etc are very great - and Barun.. uff I adore him.. his Chemistry w/Shivani is actually better than i thought it would be..and it will definately get better... the story - yes predictable but has a few potential twists - so will keep watching.. I do agree some of the dialog/scenes are very very reminiscent of IPK1 - but I dont think thats a bad thing - you repeat the recipe when it came out good.. and it has a different twist/flair so imho - Im liking it so far..
Techearth 3 years ago Amazing Chemistry between the couple. And Barun Sobti is one of my favorite TV actors. I like his personality. The way he walks, the way he speaks, his dressing sense, everything is just awesome. He always justifies his roles.
psymojo 3 years ago Every actor played their role perfectly...n shivani was not that bad but after watching it for a week the plot is very predictable...i guess what made ipkknd 1 hit was even though it was a cliche story it had Lil elements which created magic... This season just looks forced and way too complicated... It lacks good comedy.. N seriously I'm disappointed with baruns acting... He had a potential to do better n I have seen it... I watched this show because despite so many protest n heartbreak this show withstood the negativity n aired..but this show created while breaking so many hearts is not worth my 30 min...
-cynicalmess- 3 years ago
Watched it for Barun Sobti.He is as always rocking.Though found him a little stressed in ipk3.he was just perfect in tanhaiyaan.
Loved Ritu's and the lady who plays shakun massi's acting though the characters are ott.Shivani is good.
But the problem is repetation of scenes and dialogues from S1.If creatives are really doing this to show bashers their place then let me tell you those people are not watching the show.all you are doing is chasing some fans from s1 away who wanted to give this show a chance.You say don't compare and then you pull stunts like are forcing them to compare and as some one earlier said once the comparison is done the magic of season 1 always overshadow S3.
Makers could have started this one with no connection watsoever with ipk then things could have worked better for them and even shivani too.

I really want this show to do better for Barun and Barun only.2017-07-12 09:51:22
ALAA_1 3 years ago Barun Sobti AND Shivani Tomar wish you best of luck
adnilover 3 years ago For me, IPKKND 3 gets a 5/5. Good story, good pace, amazing chemistry between leads, good acting. Loving the show!!
matosarah 3 years ago @Roseluv- My dear aging is inevitable. You might be young right now, but the truth is we all have to go through this "Aunty" phase. So please don't be disrespectful to this normal phenomenon of life. TC
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