Review: 'Fighter' staying true to the hype turns out to be one of the best aerial actioners in Indian cinema

Fighter is a spectacle that needs to be experienced in the theatres backed by stylish VFX and good looking cast. So apni kursi ki petiyaan baandh lijiye and immerse in a mind-boggling experience.



After a year of anticipation, brimming with excitement, controversies, and a sprinkle of drama, Siddharth Anand's 'Fighter' has finally unveiled its grandeur. Touted as 'India's first aerial-action' film, the cat is finally out of the bag and how! Having a decorated cast with the finest stars like Hrithik Roshan, Anil Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, Siddharth Anand has taken cinematic flight to new heights, delivering an explosive experience that lands with seamless success. Having had the chance to witness this aerial extravaganza (which it actually is) in 3D, this is what I felt about the film. PS. (without giving any spoiler), you will definitely come out to the theatres all charged up, probably humming, "Sujalam, subphylum, malayajasitalam Sasyashyamalam Mataram! Vande Mataram!"

The VFX and Aerial Extravaganza

The VFX and Aerial Extravaganza

Hands down, I am taking a bow to Siddharth Anand for delivering what he has been promising since the day this film was announced. The moment you settle into your seats, be prepared for an immersive journey filled with airborne action sequences that are executed with remarkable ease.

The air strike sequences are adorned with intense dialogues exchanged between Anil Kapoor (CO), Hrithik (Squadron Leader Paddy), Akshay Oberoi (Squadron Leader Bash), Karan Singh Grover (Squadron Leader Taj), and Deepika Padukone (Squadron Leader Minni), manoeuvring through the airspace with precision. The aircraft moves swiftly, zigzagging with conviction, providing a genuine experience. The jargon used strikes a balance, making it accessible to the masses without compromising on well-researched authenticity. It's a real spectacle that keeps you on the edge, and the film does justice to its high-flying promises.

Not Jingoism But Loud Nationalism

Not Jingoism But Loud Nationalism

The trailer, unfortunately, falls short of capturing the essence of the film, as the talk about jingoism in the plot turns out to be baseless. True, there is no jingoism, but the narrative unmistakably resonates with a fervent sense of nationalism. The story revolves around a squadron of fighters from the Air Force on a mission to combat terrorists who have sought refuge in Pakistan. Amidst the echoes of "unko ghus ke marriage" and "India Occupied Pakistan," the film amplifies national pride, focusing on the fight against terrorism rather than targeting any specific country or religion.

Watch Out for Hrithik Roshan in Uniform

Watch Out for Hrithik Roshan in Uniform

Goodness gracious! From the moment this dashing heartthrob makes his entrance to the climax bit, you'll find yourself spellbound by the sheer allure of this 'Greek God' in a uniform oozing charisma. Patty's character is draped in arrogance yet intricately layered with vulnerabilities. His portrayal is so rich and nuanced that every emotion, from his profound love for the country to the guarded persona within, is palpable. With unwavering conviction, he brings this complex character to life, looking every bit as captivating as one could imagine.

Other Performances

 Other Performances

While Hrithik Roshan, portraying Patty, undeniably steals the spotlight in this airborne spectacle, the entire cast delivers commendable performances. Anil Kapoor, as OC Rocky Singh, exudes fierceness and raw intensity, executing his role with finesse. His constant presence throughout the film establishes a captivating chemistry with Patty, adding a layer of drama to the narrative.

Akshay Oberoi, playing Bash, showcases smartness and conviction in his performance. Karan Singh Grover's return with the character Taj is a much-needed comeback, infusing a delightful aura that harmonizes well with the patriotic undertones. 

Other notable performances include Sanjeeda Shaik, Talat Aziz, Ashutosh Rana, all making significant cameos. Lastly, Deepika Padukone as Minni looks absolutely captivating in her uniform, and her involvement in the well-executed action sequences is commendable. While her character possesses a layered backstory and persona, the disappointment lies in the fact that more could have been explored with her. Her limited screen time and somewhat subdued presence left a yearning for a more substantial contribution to the narrative.

BGM and Dialogues

BGM and Dialogues

The film'sBGM emerges as a crucial player, orchestrating a symphony that magnifies the entire cinematic experience. It strikes the perfect chords at precisely the right moments, enhancing the emotional resonance. While 'Sher Khul Gaye' makes a somewhat unexpected entrance, other tracks such as 'Vande Mataram,' 'Heer Aasmani,' and 'Dil Banaane Waaleya' resonate impeccably, contributing to the narrative's emotional and nationalistic essence. Contrary to the potentially jingoistic impression conveyed by the trailer, the dialogues pleasantly surprise, steering clear of such pitfalls. Instead, they prove to be impactful, delivering a paisa vasool experience that prompts enthusiastic cheers from the audience. 

The Subtle (Not To Be Misseds)

 The Subtle "Not To Be Missed"

Siddharth Anand cleverly incorporates a series of references, like the 'Zomato' connection with Hrithik and phrases such as 'Hows the Josh' and 'Kursi Ki Petiya Khol Lijiye,' creating a delightful treasure hunt for cinephiles to relish during this cinematic flight.

Surprisingly, the much-anticipated chemistry between Hrithik and Deepika deviates from expectations in their romantic angle, lacking the anticipated spark. However, the saving grace is that this aspect has a minimal impact on the overall film and doesn't lose its essence along the way. Siddharth also introduces a touch of 'feminism troop' in the narrative with statements like 'Ladkiyo ko air force mein nahi hona chaiye' and 'ladki ho toh padhai khatam karo aur shaadi karlo.' The redemption comes later, as Hrithik challenges these stereotypes by asserting that 'agar humare desh ki saari ladkiya Minni jaise sochne lage toh hum mardo ko ghar mein bethna padega.'  While the initial part of the film keeps you hooked, the second segment feels somewhat stretched. However, the climax compensates for any lulls, ensuring a captivating and rewarding cinematic experience.

The Verdict

'Fighter' stays true to the hype and delivers every bit of what had been promised. It is a spectacle that needs to be experienced in the theatres backed by stylish VFX and good looking cast. So apni kursi ki petiyaan baandh lijiye and immerse in a mind-boggling experience. 


**** (4/5) stars

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