Review: 'Dream On' has the POTENTIAL & QUALITY to be released a GEC channel

The docuseries on Star Sports Hindi is a strong contender for a GEC platform...

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The IPL fever is on and needless to say, everyone is absolutely gripped by the same. Chanting fans at the stadium or lounging viewers at home, IPL brings something that is otherwise rare when it comes to TV shows and that is community viewing.
Anil D. Ambani led Reliance Entertainment's content development and production company Big Synergy has forayed into a new genre of sports docu-drama with its show Dream On, the show is running on India's leading sports network and the home of Indian Premier League- Star Sports.

And while you have your favorite cricketing superstar already set such as Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni among others, what the tournament does best is introduce us to those young guns of Indian cricket who get a stage to prove themselves and cement their position.

Star Sports Hindi's latest docudrama, Dream On: Game Banayega Name undoubtedly ensures that. The show is an amalgamation of real depiction in mockumentary style along with acted set pieces of those explanations. 

Here I review how the show actually fares.

Real Talent

The show delivers what it promises in one department with full conviction and that is introducing the raw and real talent. The cricketers in the show have now already become popular names in the circuit but to display their journey from being a toddler to one of the key members of a leading IPL franchise is nothing short of being inspirational. From the likes of Shubhman Gill to Rinku Singh, these names have fought hard to make a career in a sport and as quintessentially as they can say, the rest is history.

The Style Of Presentation

A docuseries may not be appealing to many as the real facts and occurrences may be of importance to a few amongst the mass audience that they are catering to. And when you make it mockumentary style, the challenge is even bigger. But with fantastic montages of the city the respective cricketer belongs to along with the slo-mo shots of the important moments, the show has enough drama and entertainment for you to be hooked on it. When you are catering to an audience in India, that is of prime importance.

The Flashbacks

The idea of introducing flashbacks is probably done and dusted to an extent when one can feel absolutely bored by it. But the manner in which the flashbacks scenes of the cricketers is shot is novel and the little moments are taken care of proving that this is not just a documentary which will have people blabbering but give you guaranteed entertainment along with the promised motto.

And FINALLY, Cricket

If you thought that amidst all this drama, reality and music, what about the core of it all? Well, that is another area that will certainly not disappoint you either. The cricketing clips of the respective cricketers along with the roots of the sport are so masterfully crafted into the series that it is one of those moments when you can just applaud such filmmaking.

The Verdict

With all the possible boxed being ticked, Dream On: Game Baneyga Name may not have the most appealing title but that should not be drawing you away from watching it. The kind of mixture that it presents in terms of delivering entertainment along with facts, the show might as well be telecast on a GEC (General Entertainment Channel).

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