Virat Kohli & Vamika's spotted enjoying meal in London cafe

Virat Kohli and Vamika's cute London outing will give out major father-daughter goals.

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Virat Kohli & Vamika's spotted enjoying meal in London cafe
Vamika and Virat in a cafe

Virat Kohli and his daughter Vamika caught the attention of social media once again as they were spotted dining out together in London. The viral photo captured the father-daughter duo enjoying a meal at a street-side café, adding another heartwarming moment to their family album.

In the snapshot, Virat exuded casual elegance in a black sweater and beanie cap, paired with beige pants and white sneakers. Meanwhile, Vamika looked adorable in her striped blue-white outfit, adding to the charm of the candid moment.

Fans couldn't contain their excitement as the image circulated online, with many dubbing it as "the picture of the day." Despite their efforts to maintain privacy, Virat and Vamika continue to capture the hearts of netizens with their endearing bond. and Vamika

On the personal front, on February 20, Anushka Sharma and Virat took to their individual social media handles and shared an official statement announcing the arrival of their son, Akaay on February 15.

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