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Rendevouz with Vivian Dsena and Sukirti Kandpal..

TellyBuzz gets our dear readers what they have wished for!! An interview with Abhay and Piya...

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Vivian Dsena and Sukirti Kandpal have a sizzling chemistry going in Star One and Balaji Telefilms' Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani..

TellyBuzz got this much-in-demand on screen pair together for an exclusive interview wherein they express their happiness of being part of such a unique and well exhibited show..

Vivian and Sukirti for you!!!

How has the experience been in Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani till now?
Sukirti: It has been very good shooting with all of them and I really like the way all the characters and the story is developing.
Vivian: The experience has been superb and fantastic and this is the best that could have happened to me.

How has it been working with Ekta Kapoor?
Sukirti: This is my first show with Balaji and it has always been a new production house everytime I do a show and I am enjoying the different work atmosphere and am learning a lot as well. Ekta maam is really good at her work and the way she has conceived and developed the story is great. The credit for the execution goes to our director as he is doing a fabulous job.
Vivian: This is my second show with Balaji and I am happy that my career in the television industry started with them. I had always wanted to work with the team and I feel really good working with the best production house in the industry.

What was your first reaction when you came to know that you were going to do a vampire story?
Vivian: I was totally amazed and wondered how come Ekta maam chose me to do the role. I knew about the developments of the show and was also aware that there were so many people who had wanted to be a part of it. But destiny chose me.
Sukirti: I had a normal reaction but at the same time I wanted to be a part of the show and was excited when I got to know that I am part of it.

Your set is composed of a crew which is really young and energetic; how is it working with all of them? And for Sukirti, there was a similar ambiance in Dill Mill Gaye as well; can you compare both?
Sukirti: I don't compare both because, here age- wise, we are much younger. But both the sets are great and fun to be in and here we have great fun with all the co-actors and we all get along very well. I enjoy a lot here.
Vivian: We have a very lively ambiance on the sets unlike the sets of other daily soaps wherein people sit idle, tired and exhausted. Here, when the others are in the shot we have fun and masti outside the sets.      

Have you ever  felt bored seeing the same faces every day?
Sukirti: Not really because it depends on whom I am shooting with. But when it gets monotonous with a person then I guess its human tendency to get bored (laughs). At the same time, when we all girls are present, it's great fun.
Vivian: For me every single day is a new day; I take it to be the first day of my shoot and hence I do not get bored at all.

Abhay always wears black, do you ever feel like wearing something different? Sukirti, have you ever get bored of Abhay's costumes?
Sukirti: No, because I love black and I feel it's ok wearing black.
Vivian: (Laughs) Initially I used to get irritated and used to wonder why this guy always wears black. But then later on I realized and understood that the character demands that. Now I like the costumes and do get good comments as well.

You recently attended the World Cup match in Delhi, how was the experience?
Sukirti: I enjoyed it and I am happy that I got to see Tendulkar because I am really fond of him. There were a lot of people who recognized us and many of them were shouting Maithili, instead of Piya and many of them recognized me from the days of Dill Mill Gaye. It was great fun and I enjoyed a lot.
Vivian: It was great fun and even I was happy to see Tendulkar right in front of us fielding and also I was really excited that we won too.

How is your off screen rapport with each other?
Sukirti: We have a good rapport with each other and we get along well on the sets.
Vivian: We are good professionals and we share a good off screen rapport.  

Does it feel odd as an actor when your co star Vivian Dsena has proclaimed that he is in love with co-actor Vahbbiz?
Sukirti: No, not at all and why should I feel odd. It is his personal matter and I will never ever feel odd as a co-star. In fact I am really happy for both of them.

Does this in any case affect your on screen chemistry?
Sukirti: Not at all, because I take it in a professional way and that's my job. I can snap into and out of my character as and when the shoot gets done.
Vivian: Why would we feel odd?. This is our profession and we both are matured professionals and there is no connection between both personal and professional relations.. Vahbbiz's and my relationship starts only after the pack-up and on the sets we are complete professionals.

A vampire trait you wish you had?
Sukirti: The power to read people's mind.
Vivian: The healing power and the power to save people's life.

Which is your favourite vampire story?
Sukirti: Twilight
Vivian: Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani.

Now that Siddharth Mehra has entered, do you think he will be a competition for Abhay?
Sukirti: Now that Siddharth knows about Piya and Abhay, I think there is going to be a competition onscreen.
Vivian: I have no clue about it. But Siddhant and Vivian has a good off screen rapport, but on screen Siddhart is trying to get Piya for himself.  

How similar or different are you from your character?
Sukirti: I am not so foolish like Piya (laughs) but at the same time Piya and I are both strong. Piya, even though has been brought up in an orphanage, has been the strong and daring girl, and not the damsel in distress. And another similarity is that, both are surrounded by boys who are always there to help her out while in trouble (laughs).
Vivian: Abhay and Vivian are two different individuals where Abhay thinks a lot after death and Vivian has started thinking before death (smiles).  

The best scene according to you that you have shot with each other?
Vivian: All the scenes were good so far.
Sukirti: There are a lot of scenes that are good and I like the scene where Abhay reveals about his traits and that he is a vampire.

What can the fans expect when it comes to the unique love story of Abhay and Pia now?
Sukirti: I have no clue about that.
Vivian: That depends on the creative.

Your message to India-forums fans?
Sukirti: 'India-Forums' is a very big platform which has helped me a lot and I have been associated with it right from my initial phase in the industry. I am really thankful for all the appreciation that you guys have given me. Actually I got more than what I deserve.
Vivian: I love all my fans and I am what I am today because of them. I pray for their good health and life.  

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan

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