Reflecting on his journey as an AD on 'The Railway Men', Ahaan Panday pens down a heartfelt note

Ahaan Pandey took to his social media account as he penned down a heartfelt note on 'The Railway Men'.

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Ahaan Pandey

Ahaan Panday, an Assistant Director on the critically acclaimed series 'The Railway Men,' recently took to Instagram to unravel the profound journey that unfolded behind the camera. In a heartfelt note accompanying a captivating behind-the-scenes image,

 Panday vividly recounts a day in Bhopal, where the production team faced the scorching summer heat, draped in wet cloths, battling dehydration, and caught in the whirlwind of chaos. It was in the midst of this tumult that the paradox of the artistic endeavor and the courage of the railwaymen struck him.

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His caption reads, “I clearly remember a day in Bhopal, we were in the summer heat, running around with wet cloths over our faces to keep us from the sun - dehydrated, lightheaded & engulfed in chaos. In the midst of this, it hit me, the dichotomy of it all, of artists and of the railwaymen, of how sometimes in life, you need not only work hard, you need not only try to be the best, but all you need to do is to just submit to the greater good and let life take you where it needs to take you, I was working on a show about a group of brave souls who put their lives on the line for the greater good, they didn’t know where they were heading, they didn’t know what the future held, but they strived on regardless with an iron heart and with true intent, it made me realise that that is the only way we can treat our dreams, we don’t know where we’re heading, we don’t know what’s going to happen and the last thing we know is where it’s going to take us, but what we do know is that we can go forth with an iron heart and true intent, and in our cases with a smile on our faces, and maybe just maybe, if we’re lucky, there’ll be beauty on the other side.

He concluded  it by saying, "In the most cliched way to end this extremely unnecessary caption, I would like to say that the railwaymen & the railway men (our crew) taught me that there is beauty in the journey, and sometimes life forces you to think about where you’re going, but that’s exactly when you need to look out of that window and see the beauty in it all.”

The series, centered around the lives of brave individuals who risked everything for the greater good, became a mirror reflecting not just their narrative but also the essence of pursuing dreams.

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