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'Reality shows give creative freedom' - Ali Asgar

The very popular Kamal aka Ali Asgar is all set to shake his legs in Star One's dance reality show Zara Nach Ke Dikha.. Here is the actor talking on the show and his experience in reality shows so far..

Published: Sunday,Jul 13, 2008 13:56 PM GMT-06:00
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After gaining popularity as Kamal, he tickled our bones in Comedy Circus and mesmerized the viewers as an anchor in Shaava Shaava!! This is Ali Asgar for you all!! The actor is now all geared up to try something really different and he will be seen shaking his legs in Star One’s new reality show Zara Nach Ke Dikha!!

We caught up with him to know what his thoughts on this new show are!!

Reality shows give creative freedom - Ali Asgar
For the first time you will be seen in a dancing avatar, what do you say about it?
Its fun, it feels good to be a part of a big program like Zara Nach Ke Dikha. I think God has always been kind to me and I feel that I am always lucky as I have been a part of big shows like Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Comedy Circus and now this new reality show. Even though the show’s format is such that boys and girls will be on opposite sides, at the end of the day we are all good friends and it fees like home.

Are you a trained dancer?
No, but during my school days I have done lot of shows. I have also performed in many award functions but never had I taken dancing this seriously. I think entertainment has taken over my dance. But over here I will get a chance to show my talent as a dancer.

Many participants in this show have already participated in other shows, so how are you preparing yourself for the show?
(Laughs aloud) I am really getting tensed when I am asked this question and in fact I am preparing hard by rehearsing as much as I can.

Why did you choose to participate in this show?
When you do a serial, one has to be within boundaries. If I am playing Kamal then people know that I am faithful and caring. I think in reality shows there is a creative freedom and in serials one doesn't get that.

What do you like the most hosting, acting or dancing?
I feel that Chamatkar ko namaskar hota hai and till the time you are productive, people will like you. I like to explore myself but when you are doing something for the first time one doesn't know if people are going to accept it or not. I have hosted Shaava Shaava and I might host some other show too as people accepted me as a host. Whatever I do I will give my 100 percent.

What is one experience you will always remember which a fan has done for you?
I remember in between I had turned negative in Kahaani and it became very difficult for me to get out of my house. I was in Pune then and a female saw me and threw a glass plate; fortunately I saved my head from the flying saucer!(laughs). Later I asked her the reason for doing so, and she said, it was only you whom we liked as a positive character and now you have turned negative. I tried and explained her that the script demanded for it and tried to convince her that I will again turn positive.

Reporter and Author: Binita Ramchandani

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