Ratings flare up; Are the BARC Ratings reliable?

With the new ratings that have been introduced in the industry, the shows have witnessed a good jump in their ratings…

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With new shows raining on the small screen from renowned production houses and even new producers making their debut with their new shows on television, the industry is facing a cut throat competition. Every week the report card of television shows comes that decides the fate of a show.

Earlier popular as TRP (Television Rating Point), the number system of television has always been controversial. The dissatisfaction with the TRP ranking lead towards a major change in the TRP system across the country. New meter system was introduced by the installation of set up boxes in every household. Post this development, the new TVT (Television Viewership In Thousands) system was introduced in which the numbers of television shows were getting calculated in thousands.

Even TVT ratings didn't seem to work out well and the number system of television has now been handed over to BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council India). As the new ratings have been rolled out this week, the shows have witnessed a drastic change in their numbers.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya which was earlier metered 4.6 has scaled up to 6.8 in the past week. Suhani Si Ek Ladki which was on 2.3 has increased to 4.3 this week. Similar is the case with Colors' Sasural Simar Ka which was rated 3.5 in the 13th week now stands at 5.4 while Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki was stood at 1.9 progressed to 2.5 in the 16th week. Amongst the channels, Sony TV has witnessed some major developments between the 13th and 16th week.

While CID stood at an average of 1.6, the show has shown a sudden fluctuation to 6.4. Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap too graduated from a mere 1 to 3.8, while Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar and Dil Ki Baatein advanced from middling ratings of 1 and 0.7 to 3.7 and 2.4 respectively.

Producer JD Majethia says, "It's a fantastic system and it's only the first week that the new ratings have come and it has change a lot of fortunes. Let's wait for couple of more weeks to settle it down and to understand it comprehensively and then it's better to judge anything. We are very happy. I haven't understood the system yet and currently waiting for things to settle down well. The system has changed so now we have to understand that what change has taken place. I think in two weeks of time everybody will get to know about it. Right now it looks good as the numbers have gone up but once the things will settle down, then only we will get to know about the exact figures."   

Exactly! The audience is yet to know more about the new system as how it's going to work as the audience is still unaware about it. Though the new system has been introduced but the producers still are doubtful about the new system of television shows rankings. 

Asit Kumar, Producer, Neela Telefilms said, "It is too early to arrive at a decision of whether the ratings are reliable or not. India is a huge country and not many cities have been taken into account. If the shows have seen a major fluctuation, I doubt if the numbers are accurate. We need to wait for at least a period of two to three months to conclude if this system if full-proof or not."

Well, we don't know whether this new BARC rating system will work as a boon for the industry but all we can say is everything has its pros and cons and even this is going to be. All we hope that the audience will get to know about this new BARC system and the fate of the shows will get decided well in terms of their numbers!

Dil Ki Baatein  Doli Armaanon Ki  Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar  Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap  Suhani Si Ek Ladki  Saath Nibhana Saathiya  CID  Zee TV  Colors 

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PROTIM21 5 years ago This new system is much better and reliable thn old trp system. They will include rural data also, give them some time. They are installing trp meters in rural area. And about shows trp incrase, it incrases because new meters are introduced in new area. And meters quantity is much bigger thn old trp system. They are still installing more meters. After collecting datas from rural area, cid, sns trp will decrease. They need three/four more weeks to give proper result.
@sonali, tam measures trp from rural area but with very low quantity. BARC is increasing the number of trp meters area in rural/urban both.2015-05-04 03:39:38
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ahilajkula 5 years ago
SidYusha forever!
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-Piku- 5 years ago With set top boxes and digital TV's in almost all homes is it difficult to measure the viewership???
Digital measurement can be done.
Then why do we need new systems everyday2015-05-04 00:43:05
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amreen2000 5 years ago Shows like itna Karo Na muje pyaar, Doli armaano ki etc very popular oversees (South Africa , Zambia , Zimbabwe etc) . Star plus, colors etc not available so zee and Sony shows very popular
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Red_eyes 5 years ago Itna karo na mujhe pyar rocks
Ronit roy u r gr8
Pls tag meri aashiqui tum se hi
TB thanks
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poiu123 5 years ago Rural audience should have been taken into account as well. Only urban people do not decide the popularity of a show.
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mandy001 5 years ago @funny29 dear it ws just a genuine ques. Nd I said I dnt think dt urban audience tolerate ds crap...m actually not a mind reader I wrote what I feel,if they are able to see m ok vd it. M nt die hard fan of any show so these ranking doesn't matter to me. I will watch even on 0.1 rating if I like any particular show...dnt get hyper.
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Avika.Gor 5 years ago Please tagg Sasural Simar Ka to here.
Sasural Simar Ka rocks Heart.
Love Avika Gor and Manish Raisinghan as #rosid a lot.
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Funny29 5 years ago one thing is really interesting, people (viewers) who have no idea from the new Ranking System or from Rankings general, start now after only one Week the blame game,that is really intelligent.
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arey_bhai 5 years ago First of all these BARC ratings r household ratings and TRP system was individual ratings...and btw this iz d first week ratings of barc which is not a 100% data. They calculated with data whch they got in d deadline tym. I think we shud wait fr one two weeks to get 100% reliable data..
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