Ratan Rajput asked to put on weight..

The waif thin Ratan Rajput has been asked to put on weight by her concerned doctors.

Ratan Rajput
aka Laali of Zee's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo
has been experiencing extreme exhaustion and her doctors have attributed it to the poor health of the actress.

Ratan Rajput tells us, "I thought the weakness was due to erratic working hours and not because of something to do with me. But when I consulted the doctors they surprised me by saying that I have to eat healthy and try to put on weight. It's good at least I'm not asked to take medications."

The timing of her ailment couldn't have been worse. Ratan says, "We are rehearsing for the Janmashtami special episode in which we are visiting the family of Choti Bahu. But due to my premature exhaustion Abhishek and I could rehearse only for around two hours. I just hope that I'm able to hold up till the final shooting is done."

Let's keep fingers crossed that Ratan really holds up till the D-day for she will be adorned in a different attire for that episode. "I will be wearing a ghagra choli and complimenting jewelry for the occasion", says Ratan.

We all wish Ratan a happy fifteen kilos!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (9)

With the health habits...learn to improve your manners too ratan...i apologize to her fans..but in a recent Aaj tak interview she insulted Lord Krishna by saying he is a Tapori...I mean who says that bout ANY GOD!!!! Well Ratan...u get wut u deserve.....May God forgive u for ur bad manners and attitude!!!

14 years ago

even i think she should gain wieght am sure she would look good then

14 years ago

idk y but she's looks sooo weird to me like a bug no offence mayb cuz of her long neck n her creepy eyes

14 years ago

Yeah, I think she would look nice with a bit more weight. I hope she feels better. TFS!

14 years ago

Yea I think she would look very nice if she gains a bit more weight. But it suits her character very well.

14 years ago

Do put on some weight and get well soon. Good thing she is not in one of YRF film otherwise she would be told to loose even more weight for bikini scene.

14 years ago

best of luck!!
hope evrything goes well!!

14 years ago

shes lucky that she does not have to lose weight.Putting on should not be difficult

14 years ago

Yup she really needs to put on some weight
Waise me so excited too see abhi-ratan in da janmasthami special my fav couple are performing offscreen yay :)

14 years ago

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