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Ranvir and Vinay Aur ...Kaun?? - Situational Comedy Show!!

Star One presents a Brand New situational Comedy on Star One August 06, 2007 at 10 pm. Read to know more...

Published: Saturday,Jul 14, 2007 08:05 AM GMT-06:00
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Aaj KAUN inke ghar aayega? Aaj Vinay aur Ranvir ke kis dost ka haal janenge aap? Ranvir, Vinay aur… Kaun?

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A situational comedy meets celeb interview, where in Ranvir Shorey and Vinay Pathak bring a unique freshness each week! The show is a combination of an interview which is treated like a sit-com and is an opportunity for the viewers to see their favourite celebs in their own space - as they are! From cutting onions, preparing tea to dancing and playing their favourite instruments, this show will present celebs in their most natural way. Beginning August 06, 2007, from Monday to Thursday at 10 pm, enter the world of Ranvir and Vinay and get hooked to this new series on Star One!!

With an entertaining mix of celebrity interviews, comic performances and famous people with extraordinary stories, 'Ranvir, Vinay aur… Kaun?' is a fun alternative to conventional interview shows. The show is set in Vinay and Ranvir's new bachelor apartment, which is visited by a new celebrity everyday. Their charming personalities and unique take on everyday life sets the tone for a relaxed and candid environment that not only puts their guests at ease but also allows them to connect in discussions that are wild, whacky and often surprising!

Announcing the launch of this brand new show, Prem Kamath, VP Marketing, Star India Pvt. Ltd says, "We are happy to bring to the audiences another great entertaining show and we know that Ranvir and Vinay will do complete justice to it. Contrary to all interview based shows, we have tried to make Ranvir, Vinay aur…Kaun? as innovative and different as possible, so that it will be a refreshing change for the Indian viewers."

At the launch of their new show, an overjoyed Ranvir said, "Vinay and I have come a long way in doing shows together but this time it is much closer to our hearts. The best thing is that we feel completely at home with our show, we wear what we like; we speak what we like, so in all the viewers will witness us in our REAL selves".

Further adding to Ranvir, Vinay said, "The best thing for me is the feel of home at the sets; it's really like Ranvir and me chatting up with our friends. We have tried to make it as casual as that and we make each visit special for our friends!"

Produced by Lemon Tea Productions, the show has a contemporary setting and treads completely in the comedy space. The format is a unique combination of a realistic interview with celebrities which makes it a light hearted viewing experience.

So sit back, get your pack of pop corn and get ready for some great entertainment on ranvir, vinay aur… kaun? beginning august 06, 2007, every monday to thursday, at 10 pm only on star one!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh

Ranvir Shorey Vinay Pathak

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-Krupa- 14 years ago COOL! gonna watch..i would love to see celebs cutting onions!..

can't see the pics though..
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