'Rani Padmini of Chittod' on Sony...

Nitin Desai's Chandrakant Productions Pvt. Ltd. will launch a show on the life of Rani Padmini of Chittod on Sony Entertainment Television..

Earlier, Telly Buzz had reported that the Production Designer/Art Director turned Producer Nitin Chandrakant Desai will be producing a show titled 'Bajirao & Mastani' based on the Peshwa ruler Baji Rao and his wife Mastani for a popular channel in June. But the recent update is that the launch of this epic has been postponed, but Chandrakant Productions Pvt. Ltd. which is named after Nitin Desai's father will be soon coming up with a serial, 'Rani Padmini of Chittod' on Sony.

According to our reliable source, "Apart from producing Raja ShivChatrapati on STAR Pravah and the forthcoming Bajirao & Mastani, Nitin Desai will be making a series on the life of Rani Padmini of Chittod, who later went on to be the pretext for Allah-ud-din Khilji's attack on Chittod".

"The unit is working on the big and grandeur sets for the show and the wonderful costumes used will be a treat to watch. The show will be launched on Sony Entertainment Television in the month of June this year", adds our source.

For more updates on this historical show, watch the space here..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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is rani padmini somehow related 2 samar singh of chittod??

15 years ago

i wanna see bajirao mastani ...... just hope someone makes a show or movie on this

15 years ago

This is one story I always wanted to see on TV...its a v interresting subject, hope it is made well.

15 years ago

This will be amazing.I love the story of rani padmini.Rajput stories are interesting to watch.best of luck for their success.they should at 9.00 PM to 10.00 PM slot every day so that i can watch as i come back home by 9.00Pm.

15 years ago

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