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Ram Ravan Sanghaar on February 3rd...

The Mahayudh, Ram – Ravan Sanghaar, concludes on Ramayan at 9.30 p.m only on NDTV Imagine.

Published: Friday,Jan 30, 2009 12:52 PM GMT-07:00
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The day that will decide the fate of the world has finally arrived. It is the ultimate battle of the Gods… the triumph of good over evil.  This Tuesday, February 3rd, don't miss out on one of the biggest and most significant chapters in Indian Mythology as the Mahayudh, the Ram – Ravan Sanghaar, concludes on Ramayan at 9.30 p.m only on NDTV Imagine.

Ram  Ravan Sanghaar on February 3rd...
As the war between the revered Lord Ram and the demon king Ravan is at its final phase, Ravan having lost his best men, his sons and his brother Kumbhkaran feels desolate and helpless. On the other hand, Shri Ram is now prepared to kill Ravan and fulfill the purpose of his incarnation as destined.

True to his demonic spirit, Ravan will not give up easily and fight until his last breath. Ignoring the plea of his wife, he sets out to the battle-field. Both sides who are equally powerful with the 'Divya Astras' (divine arrows) use all strategies of warfare to succeed in this combat and tough fight between the adversaries.

Having secured the boon of invincibility from Lord Shiva, whom he had pleased with extreme penance and devotion, Ravan is hard to vanquish.  Each time a head is severed by Lord Ram, a new head grows back on the ten-headed demon. As the combat intensifies, Ravan's brother Vibhishan, who is a Ram bhakt, indicates to Ram that Ravan's vulnerability lies in his navel.  Shri Ram aims his arrow at Ravan's navel and he is killed at last.

Ravan's death end's this gory battle, subsequently bringing the downfall of evil. Produced by Sagar Art's, the battle scenes will be visually exciting with never seen before special sound and effects.

Going forward, the story will revolve around Lord Ram completing his exile and his mission of freeing the people of Lanka from their suffering and the mayhem caused by Ravan. Shri Ram will return to his homeland and takes his rightful place as the King of Ayodhya to establish his Ram Rajya.

Don't miss the momentous end of the demon king Ravan, on Tuesday, February 3rd in Ramayan at 9:30 p.m. only on NDTV IMAGINE.

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sanyogita_a @sanyogita_a 14 years ago wow...looking forward to war scenes...n yes it has to be grand...jai shree ram!!
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chatterbox @chatterbox 14 years ago hmm thanks jayashree

hope the battle is shown fully before ravan is killed both ram and ravan have divine weapons it shud be grand now
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Samiksha Birla @Savi13 14 years ago fibnaly its time to say bye bye to Ravan............
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