Rakshanda Khan in Chinchpokli to China

The actress will be seen in a new look. Along side, see Abhey Deol tickling the funny bones on national television...

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We have seen Rakshanda Khan in many shades like bahu, vamp, mother etc. But now the vivacious actress is trying her hand at comedy. She will be soon seen in Sony's Comedy Circus Chinchpokli to China.

“She was there for Ram banaye jodi segment with Rehman Khan in a giggling act,” says our khabroo.

“Rakhshanda sports the look of Umrao Jaan while her partner is a tapori called Aslam bhai. It was quite a funny act by them and everybody enjoyed it,” adds the khabroo.

The special guest on the show in the coming episode will be Sudesh Bhosle and Abhay Deol. “Sudesh spoofs on the Indian Idol show, and will be seen as a contestant of Indian Item, while Krushna Abhishek and his partner Sudesh Lahiri will play the judges. Krushna is Jeetendra whereas Lahiri is Judge Jeet Singh,” quips the source.

Abhay Deol will be seen in Hasi Hasi segment”, concludes our source.

So viewers, get ready for a rib ticking comedy with Umrao Jaan aka Rakshanda. Keep watching this space for more news on the show.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (6)

Thanx man! I have always liked Rakshandda!

15 years ago

Wow!!!She is too good!!!

Rakhshanda rocks!!!!

15 years ago

thank you
going to be interesting

15 years ago

would be fun and different to see Rakshanda in this

never seein her doing comedy
thanks for sharing

15 years ago

great rakshanda is soo sweet and a great actress too!

15 years ago

i saw her as lawyer in Kitni muhobbat hai....

15 years ago

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