Rakshanda Khan in a new avatar..

After Kyunki and Mahabharat, she will be seen in new venture of Balaji Kitni Mohabbat Hai...

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The vivacious actress Rakshanada Khan is back with Balaji’s new show Kitani Mohabbat Hai on NDTV Imagine. She will be essaying the role of the lawyer who helps the male lead in the serial.

“The name of my character is Ganga Rai and she is a lawyer. I help Arjun (Karan Kundra) who is in jail,” says Rakshanda.

Elaborating on her role and story track she explains, “The show starts with Ganga and Arjun, and then it goes into a flash back. He has been in the jail for two years, and strangely does not want to come out. I really don’t understand why”.

“Talking about my character Ganga Rai, she is very stubborn and head strong. She wants to fight the case of Arjun and does not want to let the case go. She forces Arjun to talk about how he landed up in jail and this is where the story begins,” she adds further.

Rakshanda was earlier seen in Kyunki Saas, and Ekta's Mahabharat on 9X.

Kitani Mohoobat Hai will go on air on 19th January at 10:30 pm slot on NDTV Imagine.

So viewers, get ready to see Rakshanda in a black and white uniform charging in with all the fighting spirit!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (15)

sounds interesting story, kind aliek veera zaara tho

15 years ago

hmm story sounds intresting dunno why remind me of veer zaara... shahrukh in jail for preity... hmmmm lets c..

15 years ago

shes awesome!
wish u all the best rakshu :D

15 years ago

seems like veer-zaara..

15 years ago

what does this remin u of?? yep veer-zaara. it wud be nice to see and all but it so NOT original!

15 years ago

yaah really it''s sounding like veer zaara...
neva mind i hve many hottie 2 watch dis shw. n even beautiful rakshu

15 years ago

Looks like veer zaara, except shorter time in jail...

15 years ago

hmmmmm she did d lawyer role also in KZK !!!!
intresting waiting 4 it!!!!

15 years ago

eagerly waiting to watch that show...seems to be very interesting!

15 years ago

Rakshanda, Dimple and Hiten seem to be the good things about this show!!!

I wish her all the best for it!!!!

15 years ago

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