Rakhi's romance interrupted by real parents!

When Rakhi and Elesh got mushy in front of Kubair in NDTV Imagine’s Pati Patni aur Woh, the kid’s real life parents angrily interrupted.

Rakhi Sawant and Elesh Parujanwala, had to confront angry parents after they got intimate in front of their pre-teen kid Kubair on NDTV Imagine's Pati Patni aur Woh.

According to our source, "Rakhi happened to accuse Elesh of having a soft-corner for the show's hottie – Mouni Roy. This led to a huge argument between the two. It got so bad that they even decided to split up!"

However, the course of events took a sudden U-turn. Adds the source, "Unexpectedly, the whole environment changed and within some time they started coochy-cooing with each other. This angered Kubair's parents a lot. Apparently they had their eyes glued to the screens  in the monitor room!"

What followed was a nice dressing down for Rakhi and Elesh from Kubair's parents. Says our source, "They strongly objected to Rakhi and Elesh's public display of affection. They frankly expressed their displeasure over their irresponsible behavior."

But Rakhi being an expert in tackling controversies, simply put the whole blame on Elesh. Says our  source, "It was hilarious to see Rakhi smoothly slipping the noose over Elesh instead! She blamed him for getting naughty with her. What's more she also said she was just being a dutiful Indian girl who goes by every single wish of her betrothed!

Catch all of Rakhi's drama on NDTV Imagine's Pati Patni aur Woh weeknights at 10:30.

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Comments (33)

i hate rakhi very very much, she iz so dramatic.... y elesh is married 2 such a stupid girl??? i agree with all thoze guys who r against rakhi.... i hate her very very very very very very very much........

14 years ago

i think they shud stop this show... theres no point of it... its showing sum actors in the bad light..(juhi)

14 years ago

lol @ aadaa's comment
well im tired of this lady

14 years ago

i dnt blame rakhi.....yeh IF walon bhi na....why do they pnder so much and giv her so much publicity...ab iss article se kya fayda kisiko...:)...hmmmmm

14 years ago

EERRRGGHHH... Rakhi is a pain in the neck... cant stand the woman!!!!

14 years ago

can some1 plzzz get this lady out of industry..?? i cant stand her!!!

14 years ago

drame waali..i just hate rakhi...she can do anything for publicity..anything means anything....hate her..Elesh should leave her ..he can get better person than rakhi , thats a gurantee...

14 years ago

drama queen rakhi elesh broke up with her as soon as possible

14 years ago

she said she didnt wanted 2b touched b4 marraige...wat is she doin now?

14 years ago

HAHAHA u cant be serious.. "being a dutiful indian wife: HAHAHA1!! elash, open u eyes man!!

14 years ago

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