Here's what Rakhi Sawant's legal representative Falguni Brahmabhatt has to say on Adil Khan's allegations

Amidst the speculation surrounding Rakhi Sawant's condition, Rakhi's legal representative, Falguni Brahmabhatt, addresses the matter.

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Rakhi Sawant's legal representative Falguni Brahmabhatt clears Adil Khan's allegation on her
Rakhi Sawant is currently undergoing treatment and is slated for surgery due to fibrosis

Rakhi Sawant recently captured headlines after being hospitalised due to severe health concerns. Reports revealed that she experienced a medical emergency marked by chest pain and uterine issues. Amidst speculations raised by her ex-husband, Adil Khan Durrani, alleging that Rakhi's health crises were merely a ploy to evade an upcoming court hearing, Rakhi's legal representative, Falguni Brahmabhatt, addressed the matter exclusively with ETimes TV.

Falguni affirmed Rakhi's health struggles, acknowledging the presence of medical complexities. Adil's suggestion that Rakhi concocted her health crisis to evade an impending court hearing was vehemently refuted by Falguni. She emphasised that Rakhi is currently undergoing treatment and is slated for surgery due to fibrosis and other gynaecological concerns. Additionally, Rakhi is contending with heart issues and has experienced symptoms like anxiety, chest pain, and palpitations.

Regarding the looming court appearance, Falguni assured that Rakhi's legal team is diligently preparing for the proceedings. She assured that Rakhi will approach the court within the next two to three days. As the date draws nearer, her legal team will ensure all necessary procedures and compliance are met. We will adhere to the directives of the Supreme Court. Rakhi has already instructed us, and we will take the appropriate legal steps at the right time. She is not avoiding anything; she will be back soon.

In response to Adil's claims, Falguni reaffirmed Rakhi's determination to face the court proceedings without evasion. She emphasised that Adil's allegations hold no merit and that Rakhi's fate will be determined by the court, not by Adil's publicity-seeking antics.

In essence, Falguni's statement serves to provide clarity on Rakhi's health challenges and refute Adil's accusations, reaffirming Rakhi's commitment to legal compliance and dispelling any doubts regarding her sincerity in addressing her medical issues.

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