Rakhi Sawant caught unawares on her show Rakhi Ka Insaaf..

Well, if you thought that Rakhi Sawant is the best drama queen, then take your words back, as the lady meets her first victim on her show who is equally dramatic as her...


We know Rakhi Sawant as the Ultimate Drama Queen who can go to any extent to gather a soft corner from people around!! However, the first victim on Rakhi's new show Rakhi Ka Insaaf on Imagine, Shabina took a leaf out of Rakhi's book and got so dramatic that literally made Rakhi gasp for breath..

Well, if you thought that Rakhi Sawant is the mai-baap of all drama queens, just picture this moment!!

Rakhi Ka Insaaf on Imagine starts this Saturday in which the victim Shabina, a widow was so touched on seeing Rakhi that she jumped on to cry on her shoulder, or can we say to cry on Rakhi's bosom. Wondering how our Rakhi reacted?  Well, the lady was simply taken aback and she almost lost her balance and was about to trip and have a fall, as she supported the lady.

Must say that after the Mika incident, Rakhi has gotten this magnetic personality to attract people towards her!! With the news doing rounds that Rakhi has requested the channel and production house to provide her with body guards so that she could feel secure on sets, we wonder how Rakhi does plan to save herself from this lady and her aggressive hugs…

Catch Rakhi Ka Insaaf every Saturday at 10 PM from October 16th, only on Imagine


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SourCandyDrop 9 years ago Oh My Days check out her heels! I'm surprised she didnt topple over in those!!! LOOOL xD
.Dalisay. 9 years ago i saw the news on sbs. n it was weired lady that lady was seriously more dramebazz than rakhi,.. lmao .she was cryin, wailin on everyones shoulder! she was widow n kissin other man callin him a bhai...litrealy they showed video of her!! and @ end she hugged him infrnt of every1..... its disgusted.2010-10-17 06:29:13
prinky_rulz 9 years ago LMAO!!!!!!!!!! the last pic is really very funny!!!!

god only noes y d channel took ssuch a big risk just to gain TRP's
zaryaabJuhi1b8 9 years ago funny pics................thanx for the news...............
truerose 9 years ago The pics are really funny...Looks rather "dostana" type!!! I am sorry for the comment though because its not good to make fun of someone who is crying...
shivani003 9 years ago OMG funny pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NancyNuts 9 years ago channel wants trp.....trps need dramma....n drama needs rakhi!!!!
urmika 9 years ago how can one wear such high heels?Rakhi has got the ideal women as her 1st victim.....wish she get more of them....this is freakin' good....good 4 her better 4 us!:D
Serenity_me 9 years ago is show me ab kitney drame honge,,,god knows...:D :D
--khushi-- 9 years ago oye hoy yanni double drama in first epi..........lol................
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