Rajshri sets, elated with the reunion of its four heroes!

Rajshri Productions bring back their four heroes from the dead, for the shoot of a special sequence in Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki...

Rajshri Productions, the renowned production house known for its finesse & competence, is also known for the great bonding & affection amongst its team. This may be the reason they called the four brothers again on the sets of their Sahara One show, "Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki" for the shoot of a special sequence.

The Rathod family has lost the four brothers but their memories are still alive in everyone's hearts. This special sequence takes place in the story when Deven, who has entered the story as the ray of light in the darkness, mimics the voice of all the four brothers. He imitates their voice so aptly that it sounds as if these four brothers are actually talking. This small sequence will  refresh the viewers.

According to our source, "The actors of the serial were also experiencing the same excitement during their come back on the sets for those few hours. The elder brother, Yashodhan, felt emotional when he arrived on the set and a spot boy came and hugged him and he started recollecting all the old memories".

Faisal with a smile on his face was heard saying, "Everybody on the sets was literally waiting for us and when we came, we did nothing except for masti and chatting for next two hours. Our director had to remind us that we have to shoot for the scene."

The entire team had lunch together and celebrated their reunion with a small party. Karan Grover, overwhelmed by his emotions on meeting with old pals said, "After observing my farewell and come back to the serial for this special sequence, I would love to die a thousand times if I would be getting such a wonderful welcome." Parth expressed his gratitude towards the Rajshri team for showing such a nice gesture.

Nobody knows whether such a gathering will take place again in the future or not, but it is certain that these episodes will be a treat for the viewers when they once again see these heroes in their favorite serial "Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki"...

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karan grover new show yahan main ghar ghar kheli is great. his flirting look in ymggk is execellant. his proves that he is dam good actor. also, ymggk is 6th in trp chart. show is really doing well.

14 years ago

Dnt Wtch The Show...but How Swt <3

14 years ago

althou i dont watch this show, this article is really sweet! :)

14 years ago

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