Rajshree Thakur quits Saat Phere..

Saloni ka safar ends here as the leading actress is all set to bid adieu to its audiences.

On of the favorite bahus of television, Saloni aka Rajshree Vaidya is quitting her brand show Saat Phere on Zee. The actress will be taking a break for sometime and will hit back to small screen with a new show.

“Yes, I’m quitting the show as I need a break. It’s been three years that I had been working non-stop. I will come back and may be with a new show,” says Rajshree.

If you quit, don’t you think this may harm the popularity of the show as the title in itself is Saat Phere, Saloni Ka Safar? “Well it’s nothing like that. Each and every character has its own importance in this serial. If I leave, the show will not go off air. I’m sure the producers will work out on some track,” she quips.

“I’m happy that Saat Phere has successfully completed its three years. My wish is that this serial should grow more in the coming years,” chirps the actress.

So what’s next for this dark beauty? “For now I’ll take a break and will concentrate on my family life. After marriage I have not got to spend much time with my family as I was shooting continuously; thus I thought it’s the best time when I can be around with my people,” she adds.

Are you planning to start a family soon? “Yes I would love to start my family, but not so soon. For now I want to enjoy my married life,” she concludes.

According to our source, “We have not yet finalized whether to replace Saloni or to focus on some other track. There are chances of a leap being taken and the story focusing on Saloni’s daughter, let's see what happens.”

The production house has not finalized anything on this matter. We tried calling Sunjoy Wadhwa, Producer Sphere Origin, but he was unavailable for comments. 

Author and Reporter: Rachana Trivedi

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why is she leaving, the show will be really boring without her

15 years ago

im sure that the next track will deffinetely have a leap

15 years ago

this is shocking!!
rajshreee.. please dnt leave!! :(

15 years ago

She had to do what she had to do, but she just killed the show. It had 3 years and its run a good course. I enjoyed the twists and turns, but maybe its time to pack up.

15 years ago

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15 years ago

it'd suck to see Rajshree leave. i wonder what'll happen with this track. will Saloni die? or will they replace her.. focusing on their daughter will be really boring ... but idk.
let's just wait & see.

15 years ago

wow, that is shocking news! Saat Phere is nothing without Rajshree, but she does deserve a break! Wish her all the best!


15 years ago

hi i am also fan of rajshree and i don't want her to leave but she does need a break. so, i think it would be better if they end the serial. i will miss u saloni. AND STOP CALLING RAJSHREE BLACK BEAUTY>
thank u

15 years ago

oh my! that is horrible. tsk tsk. But the show WAS and IS kind of dragging.... but still I don't think she should leave. Oh well.

15 years ago

lol sign that this show shud end! it's being dragged soooo much i can't even stand it anymore...n with the lead actress quitting what's left in it? rajshree can't b replaced no one will be able to accept a new girl as saloni...i think if they absolutely have to drag it then use the leap n focus on saloni's daughter...but all the best to rajshree she is a really talented actress i admire her a lot and i hope she goes on to be even more successful in the future...she defo does deserve this break

15 years ago

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